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James Fraser


Jamie Wedding Hero

Sam Hero 2

So, what can I say. He looks friggin great. The boy becomes a man, because no woman wants to marry a boy!

Not exactly sure what they did to the color when they shot this pic, but it has been bugging me. I tried to get it closer to the actual color. His coat is not green, it is blue, much closer to the color of his waistcoat, though it does tint a bit to the teal.

This is the first time we see the Fraser tartan. Since we had made the decision not to do the Victorian “clan tartans”, I felt that we still needed to honor the book and put in the red (and gold). It was important to me. The Fraser tartan is similar to the McKenzie, being from the same area, but still needed to be set apart.
We gave him a beautiful diamond stock pin, and did the most exquisite embroidery on the cuffs of his shirt.Just to get a little glint of metallic to pick up his pin, and Claire’s dress.

Ring - Wedding

He is a most dashing, romantic and confident man. What every woman wants.

Sam wedding closeup

And because they cannot possibly be separated.

Cait Wedding dress

Sam and Cait Wedding

33 thoughts on “James Fraser

  1. AvatarNymerias

    All the designs are truly exquisite. I have absolutely enjoyed every aspect of the book series coming to life before our eyes. We all have two ways to escape when the need arises. Thank you for sharing all the beauty!

    1. Katiscotch22Katiscotch22

      I can not get enough of these wonderful costumes. Sam looks absolutely amazing – not like I had imagined but this look is more authentic. Cait’s dress – what else is there to say. Do we get to see it again on Season 2???

  2. Avatardianne_falcone

    When I saw Jamie for the first time I literally gasped. He looks every bit of who he is (not going to spoil it for the non-readers but you know what I mean.) He commands attention wherever he is, not just b/c of his good looks but the way he carries himself.

    I love the details on the buttons and the raised lines along the edge of the coat and the cuffs; it gives him a much more formal look b/c it’s not just a regular jacket they borrowed from some random person in town. Love the gold etching on the cuff on his shirt as well. It’s all the little details that makes this resplendent.

    I have to say that I’m a huge fan of all the knitted pieces on the show, too. I remember as a young child, spending my summers in Sicily, watching my grandmother knit woolen socks for my uncles and cousins and she’d twist the wool in between her fingers as she knitted. I wish now I had paid more attention. Are Jamie’s socks cuffs that come up over the edge of his boots or full socks?

  3. AvatarClare

    The details, as always are what sets these costumes apart! The fabrics and colors are amazing! Jamie looks exactly like Diana described him in his full highland regalia.
    Impressive! They both are stunning!

  4. Sheila1Sheila1

    Hi Terry, I think Jamie’s costume had me at the frilled cuffs 😉 I love the contrast between the fluidity and elaboration of the fabric and the strong, masculine arms/hands.

    Seriously, I was floored by how absolutely delicious Sam and Cait looked. The whole attention to detail, the strong lines of the fabrics. Beautiful. Thank you x

  5. AvatarDebbie Dake

    That is one fine man (both Jamie and Sam I mean). Resplendent is the word for this outfit. It looks comfortably worn and and it fits both his body and his persona. I love how his belt is buckled and how his boots are scuffed. The stock pin and broach and buttons connect all the dots. You’ve given us a lovely, lovely portrait of a man many of us have fallen in love with.

    Gratefully ~ Debbie

  6. Avatarbluewindows

    I am glad you let us know that the jacket is blue. I would have sworn it was green. It is a beautiful garment. The design in the blue (green) fabric looks like a raised impression. Is it embroidered or is it woven or impressed?? It gives a beautiful depth to the fabric and, of course, is in just the right places.

    Every time I see him in his boots I wonder if they hurt or if they were designed to be comfortable. All I can remember about seeing old shoes in museums a million years ago is that the shoes looked pretty uncomfortable. I think I recall that they didn’t make lefts of rights for a long time.

    1. AvatarTerry Dresbach Post author

      His coat and waistcoat are both impressed. When we give any decoration to Jamie, we try to keep the feel very Scottish. No baroque frills.
      His shoes are completely his, they were made for his feet, so they are quite comfortable. Left and rights, he has too many stunts to do anything else. The shoes Mrs. Fitz dresses Claire in, do not have left and rights.

      1. Avatarfirstlove

        Thank you Terry for the clear photos of Jamie’s garb. The costuming for Outlander is something I have never seen before and you and your team have set the bar for all to follow, in my opinion. I have watch a lot of period costume drama.

        Thank you for your comment on his shoes. I read that and I just KNEW those were custom made for Sam’s feet. He must appreciate that so much. Many actors I have heard say how sore their feet get in some of the boots that are ill fitting for other shows.

  7. Avatarbethsee

    Everything about this production exudes a passion for what all of you do. From the scripts, to the actors, who in my opinion perfectly portray the characters, to the gorgeous costumes, this labor of love is evident in every scene. As a writer, I can appreciate the attention to the details especially your story about the ring 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Avatarlaney1120

    From homeless young cattle thief and outlaw to Scottish laird in the blink of an eye. You’re absolutely right – he looks friggin’ great! My favorite wedding picture is the one with Jamie behind Claire as they go into the dark church, backlit by the sun so that they seem to glow.

  9. AvatarBeth

    Thanks for commenting on the color of the coat. I’d been thinking it was green since these pictures first came out. Hard to tell in the actual show. I love the cuffs on the shirt and yes, how he looks more man than boy.

  10. Avatarmanotherm

    I LOVE the large pictures. Man, if the dead guy knew how well his kilt looked, he would of let Jamie keep it. 🙂 The details on the edge of the coat front and at the cuff is very cool, is it pressed, like crushing the velvet there or something underneath and stitched around it? I know I’m wrong on both counts but there’s so much detail that I totally missed it with the smaller pictures. Gotta love big ones!

    ……love those buttons too. 🙂

      1. BrookeBrooke

        The first thing I noticed – and keep being drawn to – is the cross-hatched texture pressed into the edge mentioned above. What is the story on that? The details are exquisite and I appreciate you putting them in there for people like me who notice the little things.

  11. AvatarPamela

    Highland Regalia — Remember a reference to it in book 5 or 6 as Claire describes how impressive he looked. That image stuck to me and this photo of Sam as Jamie is IMPRESSIVE! I love the trim of the sleeves – its difficult to see it in the show & I appreciate the photos so we can see the detail. The red in the Fraser tartan on TV was also hard for me to see….I finally saw it in a photograph posted on twitter. SO love Jamie in this!!! One question…is that ONE kilt? I know the great kilt has a lot of fabric, but wasn’t sure. Again, thanks for sharing Terry!

  12. Jenny JeffriesJenny Jeffries

    I don’t know where to begin with my superlatives with these images, both on film and photography. SUCH a beautiful job done in capturing these two loved characters. Well done on the fabrics and the textures – they really do come alive on screen, and the soft light plays with them and makes them gorgeous. The colours! The close ups of the see-through cuffs and sleeves. Just delicious.

  13. Jenny JeffriesJenny Jeffries

    I also meant to ask – have you considered sending the completed costumes around as a show, to various countries, when the filming of certain sections of the story is done, and that costume unlikely to be used again? I’m thinking of how here in New Zealand, the costumes from Lord of the Rings went around and was a big draw at the National Museum – Te Papa – for some months. THESE costumes (wedding ones in particular) pay such close attention to detail from the era, that they would be a huge draw I feel.

  14. Avatar@punkiBrenda

    From the pages to life….The design for Sam from head to boot is supreme…First it fits him and he wears it so well.Love the nod to the kilt color of the red being kept in it Terry Thank You for that. When he stepped onto the screen from the second I saw him it stopped my heart just as the book did! What a glorious sight he was our Jamie right there!!His kilt pin the rugged boot leather the buttons on his coat every single inch of him just shouts strength. Both Cait & Sam were clothed in pure perfection and without a doubt the BEST designs ever..

  15. Avatarterryh

    The costumes are really stunning! Of course, this episode has two stellar showings in Clair and Jamie’s wedding clothes. You and your team should would an award for the work that you accomplished on this entire series. The effort you put into these blogs makes our enjoyment of the Outlander experience so much richer and are really appreciated. Thanks so much and we will miss you until the Spring!

  16. AvatarHeidiH

    These photos are STUNNING. Such beautiful design and a very important part of what brings this story to life for us, whether we consciously realize it or not. The stellar acting and costumes are what make this series come alive each and every time it is viewed. So grateful for your talent!

  17. AvatarKateLeslie

    Terry — The Fraser tartan is beautiful! That bit of red makes it more distinctive while decidedly understated. Loved the draping over the arm to shoulder. Overall…The Laird cleans up nicely

  18. Avatartheempathyqueen

    Hi Terry,
    Thank you for creating a forum to ask questions. This is a question about the cast and certainly the relationship between Sam and Cait has a lot to do with the wonderful connection between Jamie and Fraser. So, I am just wondering, did all of the readings, screen tests, and meetings take place in LA or in Scotland? Did the principals ever get together in California to work or was that only for the San Diego comic con?

    I can appreciate how long you, your husband, and other producers and directors needed to spend in Scotland to get things up and running. Thank you in advance for your answers. I really appreciate it. All the Best!!

  19. Avatartheempathyqueen

    Hi Terry,
    Thank you for creating a forum to ask questions. This is a question about the cast and certainly the relationship between Sam and Cait has a lot to do with the wonderful connection between Jamie and Fraser. So, I am just wondering, did all of the readings, screen tests, and meetings take place in LA or in Scotland? Did the principals ever get together in California to work or was that only for the San Diego comic con?

    I can appreciate how long you, your husband, and other producers and directors needed to spend in Scotland to get things up and running. Thank you in advance for your answers. I really appreciate it. All the Best!!

  20. Avatarcatmom

    These wedding costumes were outstanding!!! But then, look what you had to work with – Holy mackerel, Sam & Caitriona are terrific both on screen, together, and from interviews, off screen as well!!! Casting could not have put two more perfect individuals together! I’m glad you clarified the jacket color, because on my TV screen, it did look blue, so I thought they used a different coat for the photos.

    I can’t imagine how Cait/Claire manages in all that clothing with all of her riding, running, etc. Everything is so authentic looking, it’s so amazing. I love her cape, looks like it would be heavy. And Sam….well what can I say there? OMG!! He looks great in or out of everything!! The attention to detail is perfect. Thank you for the fantastic job in making it so real.

  21. AvatarErinS

    While the whole series is a feast for the eyes and ears, this episode is especially luscious!!! Thank you for the brilliant translation of DG’s words into these spectacular costumes and for sharing so many of the details on your blog. I’ve never felt so, well, involved in a tv show before and this extra insight is a treat.

    Great irreverent choice for the soundtrack on this post as well. ‘Looking better than a body has a right to’ pretty much sums it up JAAMF in his finery. I’ll have the song stuck in my head for days now. Will there be a Jolene post to look forward to next season?

    Thanks again, Terry. Your team has NAILED Outlander on so many levels and I have huge respect for your work.

  22. AvatarJulibee527

    I am in such awe and respect for the textiles you had designed for the show! The details to Jamie’s plaid is extraordinary- worn, frayed selvedges from borrowed wedding clothes. The details of the pressed down velvet from a coat that’s been folded up for years in someone’s storage chest. The metallic embroidery on Claire’s gown is beautiful. I have a vintage cheongsam that has real gold embroidery in the Phoenix and dragon.

    Thank you for sharing your outstanding work! I’m looking forward to much more!

  23. AvatarKateGrace

    Stunning work on the costumes! I can’t even imagine the stress involved in such a venture. I am wondering what kind of undergarments Claire wears under her wedding dress? Just the panniers we see when she gets undressed later on, or did she wears something else underneath to create that convex shape at the back of the skirt? Thank you.

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