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Captain Jack Randall





7 thoughts on “Captain Jack Randall

    1. terrydresbach

      RON IS A FREAK about military uniforms. I have listened to him rant for years about the color of redcoats and how they are usually done. He forces me to watch The Patriot and gives me the same lecture over and over about the cherry colored redcoats, and how clean everyone is.
      So I have THAT particular master to serve.

      And I hate military uniforms in general, because ether is no room for creativity and because military nuts like Ron are so freakish.

      Fortunately up until somewhere around 1790, British officers got to design their own uniforms, so it must have been some parade out there. They wore all sorts of color combinations, braids, trims, baubles and probably bows!
      You will see some of that in the show.

      So we were able to design Jack Randall’s costume. Ron loved the idea of using the dark blue.

  1. Katie Bonner (@bunnums)

    I love that there’s mud on his boots even in the formal portrait. 🙂

    There are so many layers in the uniform. As a designer, do you do anything to help with the actors’ comfort while wearing it? (Assuming it doesn’t take away from authenticity, of course.)

    1. terrydresbach

      We are completely in charge of their comfort. We make sure they are dry, warm and hopefully cool, though that is a tough one. That usually means us jumping up and down, demanding air conditioning since we can’t change the costumes if it gets hot.
      We even look out for the comfort of the extras. All of our extras have rain ponchos in inside pockets so they can stay dry if it starts to pour.
      EVERYONE gets hand and feet warmers when it is cold. We provide big heavy coats for the actors to wear during filming, thermal underwear, wet suits for swimming scenes, Shoe inserts, comfort robes, you name it.
      We also try to alleviate any discomfort the actors experience from their costumes. There are all sorts of things going on UNDER their costumes to help. But often there is not too much that can be done. Our costumes are HEAVY. We try to figure out ways to distribute weight whenever possible.

      On the flip side, in the dead of winter, our actors were always warm and dry because of the authenticity of the costumes (once we got Cait out of that damned shift)

  2. sandyknc

    Thanks, Terry. I noticed in MOBY that the Continental officers were responsible for their own uniforms. I thought that was because they were a poor army. It’s interesting that the the Britsh officers designed their own uniforms. I assumed their more established military wouldn’t have that choice. Black Jack’s uniform looks awesome, despite the evil person inside it.

    1. terrydresbach

      Well, as the armies grew larger, it became clear that such an approach was chaotic, and officers then had to have their uniform designs approved.
      As we see now, with an enormous military, there have to be clear deliniations or you don’t know who is who. Imagine wars fought with the combatants dressed in civilian clothing.

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