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Inspiration Walls…


…my office. There are just sooooooo many photos I took this year to post. So every once in a while I am going to post a few random bits.





11 thoughts on “Inspiration Walls…

  1. MedusaZ

    I always knew that clothing told stories. I can spot the obvious, but the subtleties still remain a mystery.
    Thanks to you, I am learning and noticing so much more. Thank you for taking the time to share your art.

    Re the Hand fan. Are those Red Deer of Scotland? Is this a nod to Jamie & Claire being a couple?

  2. Cackie

    Lovely and inspiring! thank you for sharing with us.

    I adored Claire’s gold and embroidered gown in Episode 3…any chance of your showing it to us in a bit more detail?
    Thanks, Terry!

  3. AlennaM

    So beautiful, thank you. I will miss the France costumes, but look look forward to Scotland and the future/past of season 3. Hmm do I see an “America in the 1700’s ” portrait there?

  4. Katiscotch22

    Your mind must be in a constant whirl……..so much creativity and I can see how an inspiration wall would help put the ideas into actions!

  5. fatratpat

    I was so thrilled to see you utilizing Dior as inspiration for the season. He was a genius and he certainly did pull from the 18th century. It did not escape my notice that you chose the Bar suit variation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with the shawl collar, for Claire’s Bar suit. Good choice.
    It thrills me when a costume designer uses inspiration from the past to bring ideas together, but drives me crazy when they simply steal a dress recreating something from an empress, on a character from New York, for example. Did I also notice some Hattie Carnegie type jewelry embellishment on the neckline of another of Claire’s dresses? Yum!

  6. lesliesusanne

    This design on Claire simply took my breath away! It was so strikingly beautiful and timeless. The floral silks and satins with the sumptuous trims are so mind blowingly gorgeous and incredibly crafted, to be sure. But there was just something about this suit that I couldn’t take my eyes off of and made me want it (or a version of it) for my own. I could hardly concentrate on the story line!

  7. Koloa Deb

    Since discovering your blog/site from a posting Pinterest, I have discovered a wonderfully creative woman. Your mood/inspiration boards made me smile; I too, in a life long ago, did something similar (Marketing/Communications). But stopped. You’ve inspired me to start again. Thank you.
    A new virtual admirer.

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