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I love this kid!!!!!


My new favorite reviewer. Our new demographic. Awesome!

What a lovely kid.


17 thoughts on “I love this kid!!!!!

  1. AvatarMoz

    I heart this kid! He is (basically) the best reviewer. (Definitely). I adore his enthusiasm. I’ve subscribed big time. He has not idea what a sensation he’s made on the O boards πŸ˜‰

  2. Avataroutlanderbooklover

    He’s amazing! And I am so shocked that a young man would fall for this show – yep I’m being prejudiced – but I’ve had my eyes opened!

    His enthusiasm, his way of speaking (oh to be a teenager again) – oh, I’m just thrilled he loves the show.

    I’ve been trying for years to get my son to read these books – he just rolled his eyes every time another book came out and my resultant frenzy and fervor to devour each one. But lo and behold, the 25 year old is watching the series and loving it.

    The significant other also has revealed he’s been watching the series, and loving it.

    Thank you for sharing this. And yes, we need to tell this young man how much we love his reviews!

  3. AvatarBelvane

    I’m going to go off topic ’cause I’m afraid I’ll otherwise forget. It’s the matter of Caitriona’s graceful, swan-like neck IN 18TH CENTURY FRENCH COSTUMES. The thought of designing something that fits into Louis’ court, for that neck, makes me really excited! Are you planning on designing things to specifically compliment that feature of her in season two? Or… would you like to not discuss costume design at all right now when you can have that brief break? I can ask later.

  4. Avatarsandyknc

    He’s fabulous! I love his excitement for the show as a young man and as someone who has not read the books. My favorite line was when he first mentions Jamie. He knows Jamie’s important because he was “looking on twitter and people were like ‘Oh my God, where’s Jamie?’ “

  5. AvatarPaula Arcioni

    Well I just subscribed to his posts! Everyone should check out his “shows I’m watching this fall”. He really is a videophile. Love that he hasn’t read the books (sorry I know I blaspheme) because he is really is rating the show as a stand alone television medium. I think that is great, the series deserves that. Can’t wait to watch reviews after each episode.

    1. Avatarandeesings

      He’s so fun and adorable and delightful, and I don’t think he knows you’re married to Ron– because my fave part in that video was when he said, “She might know a DIRECTOR or maybe get one of the STARS to comment on my review!!” I thought, “Awwww kid. You don’t know the half!”

      Thanks for originally posting this kid’s video on Twitter. I just love him and his mispronounced, passionate reviews. They’ve definitely become my favorites!! Lol

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