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I Love a Beautiful Sleeve.



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Frances Courtenay, wife of William Courtenay, 1st Viscount Courtenay

Frances Courtenay, wife of William Courtenay, 1st Viscount Courtenay






IMG_0975 IMG_0981 IMG_0982Ch√Ętelaine, a woman who owns or controls a large house (a feminine form of Ch√Ętelain). Chatelaine (chain), a set of short chains on a belt worn by women and men for carrying keys, thimble and/or sewing kit, etc.

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5 thoughts on “I Love a Beautiful Sleeve.

  1. dollsanddeadthings

    I’m a (kinda boring to most I would assume) fastidious stitch nerd and I just have to say – the seams and stitches on the Outlander costumes are impeccable!

  2. MCatherine

    I think the actors must be further inspired in their roles when wearing these fabulous creations as they cross the threshold into the set, take their marks, then breathe in to exhale in character. Magnifique.

  3. MedusaZ

    Thank you Terry for showing the Sleeves from William Travilla’s beautiful outfit for Lauren Bacall from “How to Marry a Millionaire”. I fell in love with those sleeves the first time I saw that movie. I just loved the look and the outfit just seemed to fit the character of Schatze. I still look for those sleeves every time I watch the movie.

    Claire’s black and white dress reminds me of a nun’s habit. However, the decorative trim reminds me of a medieval chatelaine of a castle, with her keys.

    Thank you for posting your detail shots. I love seeing the artistry involved. I am totally in love with the embroidered buttons.

    1. MedusaZ

      Red faced here…..you mentioned the chatelaine in your post. I must have just zoomed by it. I found it on the second reading. Love the embellishment BTW. I know it is your job to enhance the story through the costumes. I do like your vision of Claire in the gowns with the Pared down embellishments.

  4. lmabee

    This has been one of my absolute favourite dresses this season. So elegant! Beautiful design.
    I have to ask, was there any significance of the Romanov/Imperial Russian Eagle? It caught my interest as soon as I realized what it was!
    Thank you so much for producing one of the most elegantly clothed actors/actresses on TV this season. Remarkable stuff!

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