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I know, it is taking forever…


So much going on. Spinning plates.

But finally – Claire’s first negligee. Looks much better on her than on our mannequin.

More soon, I promise!


image fullfront

image backlong

image Close


image back

19 thoughts on “I know, it is taking forever…

    1. mwdesigns2014mwdesigns2014

      Such a lovely garment! chiffon has a whole mind of it’s own, and looks like you had full control of it. How elegant one would feel wearing this! So kind of you to share the pictures!

  1. AvatarOnePaleRose

    This beautiful gown reminds me of a time in life when I wore such beauty every night. In the early ’90s, you could walk into Victoria’s Secret and find the most exquisite lingerie. Between the fragrance and the music, visiting that store was like a spa moment. A very expensive, and ultimately when one stepped in front of a lover, very rewarding moment. The gowns, like this one, were reminiscent of the ’40s – ethereal…crepe, chiffon, silk and satin…cut to fall like water over the body. The colour palettes were so soft – ivory, blush, pale peach – and now and again a design would pop up in my favorite combo – black and ivory.

    When they (VS) changed their products lines and became a not so distant cousin of Frederick’s of Hollywood, romance was replaced with a raw, street like sexy. Romance almost a forgotten approach. I wrote the company. Told them I had designs and a campaign to bring the romance back to VS. Never could get a call returned or acknowledgement to my letters.

    I hope that outside of film, someone will once again design ethereal dressing gowns and exquisite lingerie for women, that are as indescribably delicate and stunning as your work Terry.

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