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I kinda love this one.



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  1. AvatarRebecca Hoffman

    That was a fantastic article! I know it’s intrusive having us want to know about everyone, but you two are so lovely. Thanks for doing the article and sharing the link. I love the picture of you two.

  2. awabbitawabbit

    Dear Terry,
    The picture of the two of you, or That Guy in the picture??
    He DOES look happy.
    Looks like Scotland is ‘greening up’ nicely.
    Anne in NoHo

  3. Avatarbwismer5

    Hi Terry! I love this article! It’s so respectful. And I was so thrilled to know that the “sun coming out” line was from your own romance – that is wonderful and amazing. It’s no surprise why such beautiful work comes from such a beautiful couple. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Avatarmartasullivan2014

    It is a beautiful and sensitive article. It is so nice to learn more about all of you. The two of you have really done a spectacular job with this production. The script, the photography, the costumes, and the direction, are all superlative.

  5. AvatarLynnLouise

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article about you both, so complimentary and touching. The picture says it all to me, both your eyes are so adoring. Maybe this is why I am so drawn, obsessed, and in love with Outlander. You make us feel like your family and keep inviting us in to share your dreams, your time and your passion.

  6. boisebooksboisebooks

    Dear Terry, in the midst of the chaos that must be prep and creation for Season 2, it is astonishing that you take time to include some of us “old stitchers” via your blog. I was happy to note your comment the other day that it helps, in a way, to blog about things.

    What an astonishing adventure you and Mr. Moore are on. We deeply appreciate you including us.
    Lovely articles in NYT, and WHAT A HOUSE you have in Scotland to be “mother bear” from.

    I know it is probably Starz or Sony or someone, but in a few years a book about the costuming for this enduring series Outlander would be a terrific tome! (“after 8 years in production, a look into the creation of the costumes for Outlander!!!” LOL
    Actually, a Making of Outlander book would also be gorgeous. The work that Gary Steele does, Bear McCreary…and of course Mr. Moore.
    Thank you from our hearts.

  7. AvatarConnie Sandlin

    Everything about this article and the photos (above & and in the article) makes me sooooo happy. We had to wait for years for our story to become realized on screen, but I think we have been truly blessed to have all things come together now, in the “fullness of time”, with you, Ron, Maril, Sam, Cait, etc etc etc to make a nearly perfect show. All because Diana wrote a book… THANK YOU so much, Terry, for all you do and all you are. xxx

  8. auntiemameauntiemame

    A terrific article, Terry, about your collaboration with Ron in your marriage and your careers, It’s a lovely thing to see the rewards of that mutual regard in the production of Outlander. I do take exception to the comment that the spanking scene is sadomasochistic. . .that was not the intent of the scene nor the outcome. . .I thought it was handled extremely well. . .Ron knows what he’s doing and so do you. I’m happy for you both.

  9. AvatarCaleidh

    As well you should! Great pic of the two of you. Very loving! I agree with auntiemame about the sadomasochistic comment – I went “what???” but overall a very interesting and good interview. I liked how Ron described the wedding scene as a love letter to you, AND how he ended it 🙂

  10. Avatar

    I so love this photo! You two are so cute! I also loved the NYT articles about you and Ron, and the one on the costumes. They are verra nice! I miss tweeting with you! I have had some kidney issues and have been in and out of the hospital. It has been a long road, since January. Hopefully I will be well by June when my tour of Scotland is happening! Unfortunately Glasgow is not on the Outlander Summer Solstice 2015 tour! And my health has been so iffy I was loath to strike out on my own. Culiean is so big now! Hopefully he learned some wonderful things at doggy boarding school! The costumes continue to amaze! Can’t wait for Season 2!

    1. AvatarMarthaT


      What a sweet photo!
      I am new to the site but I just had to join in. I am so happy to see so many participants who love textiles and and tailoring and well…kindred spirits of the design kind! Thank you so much for the fascinating posts on the costumes. I have enjoyed reading and seeing the insider view of the history, the artistry, the workmanship of the “semptresses,” and the challenges that Outlander’s costuming has posed for you and your team.

      About the NYT article—I cracked up when I read your comment about Graham McTavish’s “commanding” presence as Dougal (“…And Graham probably has a commanding presence in a Speedo.) NO KIDDING! And I was wondering—does a photo of that particular sight exist? I would pay for a copy—even if the Speedo isn’t in the MacKenzie plaid!

      Love your work and appreciate the generous donation of your time to the site! Sincerely, Martha T. PS The first time I typed the quote I called him “Graham MacRavish.” Freudian, perhaps?

  11. gigigigi

    In your comments on Jamie’s wedding outfit you mentioned that you and Ron still talk about your wedding. I’m sure everyone would love to see a wedding picture posted of the two of you. My favorite is still the one of your daughter squatting down to peer at your shoes. Carol

  12. Purl99Purl99

    I love this! I met my husband in January of 1980 and 3 weeks later we were lifers…34 years later and we still laugh about our wedding day…the hall we had our reception burned down later that night. It was a heck of a party! 🙂

  13. AvatarLisaW

    That is a lovely article about you two. We hear so much about Sam and Cait, and I don’t mind at all :), but to hear about you and your husband makes the show even that much more special to me.

  14. Avatarkatevaughn

    That was the most romantic article! We fell in love with Scotland too and can’t wait to get back. There’s nothing like it. And that story about the sun coming out? Wow, how fortunate you found each other!

  15. lesliesusannelesliesusanne

    I LOVED reading Ms. Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ books all those years ago (and rereading them now), and have always been a huge fan of her writing. But it is the passion and detail that you and your husband are putting into the story on the screen and in the costuming, (OK, the actors, staff and crew, too), that has really brought her stories to life, and strengthens the draw for me to Scotland’s beauty and the period. Your own love story is the best PR, and adds to our main character’s romance which will overcome the incredible dangers and cruelty ahead. I didn’t think I could love a story more, until you and your husband brought your vision to the screen!

  16. saraelizabethsaraelizabeth

    I loved this article. Not just because your home is beautiful and I love that you open it up to your Outlander family…but your story with Ron just gives me hope for my own life. I’m 30 and fresh on the heels of a very bad marriage and trying to put myself back together and love all that you share about your lives together. I know I’m still young but I feel very much like my life is over and everything I ever wanted is unachievable. Which seems absurd when I really think about it…but it is easy to get discouraged when you thought you were on a path with someone and suddenly you realise you are in two completely opposite places (and never the twain shall meet!). I’m still making my way through every entry and comment on here and it has been a wonderful journey. Part of me wishes I had read the Outlander series years ago…but I’d never heard of it until the telly show.

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