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Hugh Munro Two


I was doing a display of costumes last week for a press tour, and brought this one out to showcase the art of S1.

I have been very open about my love for this costume. It is an extraordinary piece of art. One of my assistant designers, Elle Wilson took the lead on this one.

A little revisit to a thing of beauty. Anyway, here are the closeups. Not sure you can see the 1950s swimming medal, sadly!

Hugh 1




21 thoughts on “Hugh Munro Two

  1. AvatarDraper

    Could look at these details for hours. I don’t care that a swimming medal was used – the whole is greater than the sum is greater of its parts etc. This is just wonderful stuff.

  2. aliaslaceygreenaliaslaceygreen

    Tjis is possibly my favorite of the mens costumes. …..Oh, but the HAT! That is the bit that makes this whole outfit sing. The hat reminds me of my dad. Actually, Hugh reminds me of my dad! But Daddy had a hat so similar to that, and it NEVER came off…

  3. Purl99Purl99

    What an incredible interpretation of Herself’s description of Hugh Munro. I too can sit and look at this for hours and discover something new each time…love that!

  4. Purl99Purl99

    What an incredible interpretation of Herself’s description of Hugh Munro. I too can sit and look at this for hours and discover something new each time…love that!

  5. Avatarwoolfarmgal

    What pulls me in is all the variety of textures of the wool fabric in different stages of wear. I would just like to run my fingers over it. Not to mention the muted tones. I work with wool every day and I never tire of it.

  6. AvatarSueBriody

    Hugh Monro’s eclectic costume symbolizes my experience and knowledge gained by immersing myself first in the books, then the series, and finding your blog. Each nugget of background info sends be on an Internet quest to find out more about how people lived in the mid 18th century and the purpose their clothing provided. The more digging I do makes me appreciate more what goes into every design I see on Outlander, and why it is so real to me. All those details, for so many outfits, for so many characters (and there are no minor characters for each is there to impart something integral to the story!) and then multiples? You must have hundreds working for you! So much of this story is told in the clothes and every accessory. Tis a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

  7. Avatarannalapping

    What a treat to see this in close up. I love the medals and have been straining my eyes trying to make our some of the smaller ones. They’re all very interesting. Love the fraying edges and signs of wear, so true to the character. I would love to be able to feel those fabrics.

  8. AvatarSueBriody

    I know that Hugh’s medals are supposed to be parish gaberlunzies, but the 1950’s vintage swimming medal is hardly out of place. I’m sure Diana already has a story planned around the explanation of it’s existence in 18th century Scotland!

  9. Avatarjeancard

    What a treat to see this up close! I have stopped my DVR on that scene and tried to make out details may times. It just made the character. Thank you for your attention to detail and for sharing!

  10. lisatooeslisatooes

    Wonderful – would to be able to pull it apart into its various pieces and know the history of how it would have come to be, for Hugh, when the buttons were added, where they came from, what does each different fabric tell a story about individually, of course the medals. This is the magic of your craft and talent, Terry along with your people. Thanks for these truly inspiring pieces. Makes the whole experience far greater than its components. Lovely.

  11. Avatarjanetcanning

    I wondered at how many layers this costume was, it seemed to just have so much going on with the layers and textures. I also liked how it felt so much a part of the heather/tundra feeling. So, just curious, how much does it weigh?

  12. AvatarThe Costume Blog

    What a gorgeous piece of work!
    When I saw the character on screen I searched online straight away for any close ups, and here it is. So innovative!
    I take great inspiration from your work Terry and this has blown me away, props to your assistant designer Elle too

  13. AvatarPamela

    Love all the details. You really don’t have an opportunity to really see them all when watching the show so I appreciate the photos. There’s just lot’s of talent in your team!

  14. Avatarjma

    Exquisite! While all your creations invite the huge, over-sized screen and multiple, slo-mo walks through the details (with magnifying glasses), this one suggests hours, perhaps days, weeks of perusal. Definitely one for “the archival books” for setting a character through the costume one wears. Congratulations to all who worked on this piece of art.

    Also, grest photography of this effort.

  15. Avatartinygoldenpins

    This is so beautiful. I love imagining how you came up with the fabrics and distressed them. I love the metals and will keep looking for the swim medal. How I’d love to see your designers work on these. But, I suppose that’s what interns are for!

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