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The Tartan Is Coming, The Tartan Is Coming!!






Outlander 2014


Looks like someone is finally selling the Outlander Tartan so many have been asking for!!!!


27 thoughts on “The Tartan Is Coming, The Tartan Is Coming!!

  1. LynnLouise

    Absolutely wonderful news, the plaids are so very beautiful. When we were in Edinburgh, we took in all the fabric stores. It was lovely to see the preservation of their proud history, the love put into the weaving of the patterns and quality of the fabrics. I couldn’t get enough of them.

  2. Candi

    Finally!! Wish it had been a month ago, just had a kilt/vest/scarf made for the Tartan Parade in NYC using Black Watch. Can’t wait to have ‘real’ Outlander items.

  3. ChristinePincince

    This is wonderful of course and in July when I am in your neck of the woods over the pond I will for sure go to this store for a wee something. But is it ok to take your design and idea and use it ?

    1. ChristinePincince

      oh just read the press release about the deal regarding the careful choices regarding the wonderful designs. whew. good for you! now the world is able to enjoy your grand talent!

  4. grahamlass

    Exciting news indeed. Our first grandchild is due in July. My DIL asked me to sew something (for him!) with an echo of Outlander. Well, this is just right for the inspiration fabric – in the blocks of a wall quilt perhaps – a quilt border or binding – booties would be cute. Or patch pockets on a knitted sweater?

  5. ellenchristine

    This is so wonderful for the Wool industries in Scotland. Finally! available to any and all. and hopefully, they’ll do yardage as well. Thank you for the luscious muted shades, and the wonderful variety of choices. And thank you, Sony or the gods that weave wool for making it happen.

    1. Chris

      I just checked the website, it looks like the products are unavailable. I did order yesterday (and was charged), maybe they were overwhelmed? It is so unfortunate that Terry isn’t getting some compensation for her “intellectual” property.

      1. Terry Dresbach Post author

        It is not my intellectual property. As a Sony employee, or if I were a Warner Bros. employee, or any other entity who hired me, I do not own what I create while working for that company. Thus I receive no compensation for the sale of any of those things. The costume designers who designed the Batman Costume, or Indiana Jones, or Cinderella, do not get a penny for all those Halloween costumes or action figures. That’s the way it works.
        Some have tried, but been unsuccessful.

        Can’t fight City Hall.

        1. Chris

          Gotcha, so sorry, Terry. I misspoke. Your work and talent will forever be linked to the costuming of the show. I don’t know of any other show where “everyone” knows the costumer designer’s name. If anything, monetary compensation can’t match the admiration and appreciation so many have for your work. I’m a teacher, I get that.

          1. Terry Dresbach Post author

            No apology necessary !!!! It is the way it SHOULD be, but sadly, it is not. If writers and directors get paid every time something airs, why shouldn’t others get a simile deal?

  6. Katiscotch22

    The tartans are lovely. I really like the subtle colours. Terry you have been responsible for what’s going to be a huge increase in the Scottish woollen garment business – kudos. It would have been nice if your name was somehow connected with all these products. .

  7. Purl99

    I read this this morning on Diana’s site. I don’t usually clammer to buy “merchandise” for any show except maybe Rescue Bots for my 3 year old grandson…LOL. But the tartan is so pretty I may look into a yard or two and makes something for myself.
    Keep up the good work Terry…I love the show and the costumes. 🙂

  8. saraelizabeth

    As someone who is well versed in IP law (librarian, not lawyer!) I am aware of how the rules don’t really benefit some of the creatives behind projects. If you had a band and were signed to a label (and a manager…..etc etc) your music wouldn’t even be wholly your own creation. The original tapes and album masters created belong to the record company and not the musician. But at least the words and notes belong to the artist. If people in the media industry alter their contracts for better residuals with the advent of streaming technology like Netflix and Amazon…why shouldn’t all creatives benefit in the same manner?

    It is definitely not fair and a trickle down system.

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