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  1. PaulaLovesCOPaulaLovesCO

    I don’t usually share my life history. Frankly, it’s too painful, so I choose to just move forward with each day. I relate to Claire. A strong woman who, no matter, how many
    times she gets knocked down, she gets back up. I lost my parents young. Not as young as Claire. I was in my 40’s. I have friends that still have parents in their 80’s. Losing your parents knocks you down. But, I had to be strong for my family. So, like Claire, I got back up. 10 years ago, I lost my husband to an illness. I was knocked down. But, I had a son that also was battling an illess that started when he turned 18. So, like Claire, I got back up. I lost my son 8 years ago. Believe me, when I say, I was knocked down. If you have a child or children, you will understand. He was my only child. But, I had 2 choices. Stay knocked down or, like Claire, get back up. I chose to get up. 5 years ago, my only brother died on cancer. My younger brother. My only brother. I saw my family leaving me one by one. I was knc]ocked down again, and once more, like Claire, I chose to get back up. Finally, I hope, 3 1/2 years ago I heard what none us us want to hear, “You have Cancer”. I fought, like Claire fighting the wolf in Diana’s first book. You either choose to lay there and let the wolf snap your neck, or you snap the wolf’s neck. By the grace of God, I snapped cancer’s neck and have been cancer free after going through surgery, chemo and radiation. So, 3 1/2 years later, I am a 63 year old woman, who people can’t believe I am that age and I certaining don’t act that age. I am enjoying life and still kicking it. I still work, stay active & travel. Looking forward to hiking the Mesa Verde in Colorado in July. I could have folded and crawled under the sheets and given up a number of times. But, like Diana’s character, Claire, I chose to get back up and live the life I was given and deal with it. I have fallen in love with Diana’s books and think that the show Outlander is a masterpiece. Caitriona Balfe IS Claire Randall. I hope it will show young women that watch Outlander what it is to be a strong woman. Life will throw you punches. Sometimes more than you deserve. But, at the end of the day, it’s your choice whether to rise again that next morning and make it the best you can. Life is too short, Ye Ken.

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