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St. Germain in Lavender.







7 thoughts on “St. Germain in Lavender.

    1. A peacock is quite accurate!!! Great description!!!

  1. Draper

    The heading in the address line is: ‘how many men can pull off lavender-st-germain’.

    How many men in the 21st century could wear it? Next to none, I’d say. Especially if you add the lace, ruffles and silk stockings. But this, in the show…says power, wealth, exceptional taste and access to the very best tailors. When I watched the episode the 21st century rules and connotations didn’t even register.

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  3. Koloa Deb

    I didn’t realize this was lavender, until this post. The buttons and embroidery are exquisite. In the fourth picture, is that one of your mood boards or something different?

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