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6 thoughts on “Highlanders

  1. Connie Sandlin

    I have read some of your comments about how you discuss the characters with the actors and go from there, and we have heard a lot from Caitriona, Sam, Graham, Tobias, and Lotte, but I would also like to hear more about your costuming designs and choices for Grant O’Rourke (as Rupert), Stephen Walters (as Angus Mhor), and Duncan Lacroix (as Murtagh). How, in particular, did their costumes reflect their position in the storyline? Thanks.

  2. sandyknc

    I didn’t really catch the differences in the tartan patterns of some of the Highlanders during episode one. I wasn’t looking closely enough and it was dark for quite a few of the scenes. At first I thought Jamie and Dougal had the same tartan. In the picture on the bottom right it looks like Dougal and Murtagh have the same tartan, which has a little brighter blue than Jamie’s. Am I seeing this correctly? I would love to see a side by side close up of the different tartans.

  3. ChrisRebmann


    How did you decide on the boots? The research I’ve done points towards deerskin shoes of some kind, but not boots. I’m getting a Highlander kit together for living history and just wondered about the boots themselves. The Highland jacket is another question, I haven’t found any patterns or even a reproduction of the jacket anywhere. Do you have any ideas of that? Anything that might help?



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