Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

He’s Getting Good At This Costume Stuff.

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PLEASE KNOW THAT I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH COSTUME TOURS.Β The plans and decisions of where and when the costumes travel, lies in offices far, far away from my own. I sincerely hope that one day they travel to a location near to where everyone lives, all around the world.

11 thoughts on “He’s Getting Good At This Costume Stuff.

  1. Avatarlarrouxgirl

    Love, love, love Geillis’s little “owl vest” and the shawl from Claire’s costume the day she drank from the Liars Spring. You were so very right in your posting about impressions costumes of any kind make. That reference sent me back through memories looking for just such impressions. I don’t want to damage your humility, Terry, but you are a wonder, plain and simple.

  2. KirstenKirsten

    It was amazing to see the costumes in New York. Anyone that has a chance to see them in LA should make it a priority! Even in high def so much can be missed. Thank you to everyone that putting the exhibit together. I hope to see season 2 someday…

  3. Avatarannalapping

    I would love to be able to see them in person, but NY and LA are just not on my travel agenda. They are amazing though. And Ron did a great job when he was there (as always).

  4. Avatarfirstlove

    It was a pleasure to have attended the unveiling and Ron did a fantastic job. You could see how proud he was of your work and spoke highly of you and your team and the countless hours of work it took to bring these stunning creations to life. Ron was so generous with his time to accommodate fan questions, photos and autographs. An endearing gentleman for sure, Terry.

    I am in awe of what you have created and hope we get to see more. I hope it is as satisfying for you as it is for us fans. The talent of everyone is evident is the costumes you have created. You all have set the bar for other shows to aspire to, in my humble opinion.

    Thank you for sharing with us appreciative fans.
    Sarah πŸ™‚

  5. AvatarTrish

    I guess having them tour as far as New Zealand is just not going to happen! They look amazing, especially the wedding dress, and it was an interesting interview to read, thanks.

  6. gigigigi

    Hi Terry
    Just wanted to share with you ….I took my daughter to the Grove to see the costumes and they were fabulous. Are you already planning what to wear to accept your Emmy? Anyway there was a small child crouching down who was absolutely obsessed with the red shoes and it reminded me of the picture I took of your daughter bending down to admire your amazing shoes at your wedding. A Sweet memory.
    You are missed. Carol

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