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Hero Soundtrack


Last night after I finished this post, and finally fell asleep, I dreamt this entire song. It must be connected. Of course I was also a nurse in a hospital. So who the hell knows?

12 thoughts on “Hero Soundtrack

  1. AvatarEdie Elerick

    Just keep having more dreams like this one, Terry!! The Outlander community has brought me many new friends and an enormous amount of fun and joy that I never would have known otherwise. I’ll be watching Ep 106 with a number of them tonight.

  2. AvatarJo Ann

    Oh! It’s like this song leapt out of Chapter 25, pages 554 – 564 (paperback edition.) I love Whitney Houston and this is one my favorites in her repertoire, but now the lyrics have become even more meaningful.

    How strange that you dreamt about this song…well, maybe not so strange.

  3. AvatarKathy Gumbleton

    Terry, I found you!!!!!!! Just finished listening to my second podcast with you and Ron, heard your last name, did a search and landed here and spent an hour reading through all your posts! When I was a little girl I wanted to live in the 18th Century more than anything else in the world. My whole being was obsessed with the romance of their dress and way of life. When the Bicentennial came along our little neighborhood in Michigan had a parade and my mom made my a period costume for it which was one of the highlights of my childhood. When I got older I wanted to read every novel written from that period, and learn about a hand crafted way of life. I’ve been possessed my whole life. I’ve read all the history books on historical knitting, quilting, costume design, the history of Scotland and Ireland and France…..I think I’m saturated like a sponge. I know what you felt like when all you wanted to do was live in a splendor of white after looking at so much color. I do a lot of knitting and quilting and now I just want to see grey (used to be my most hated color) – no flaming fall leaves for me this year! Thank you by the way for the link to the hand knits, I really appreciate it. I was hoping to know if there might be a book of knitting patterns for the original garments made for Claire, they are very unique and stunning. I’m not interested in buying anything already made, as you mentioned in one of the posts. Perhaps you’ve already addressed this question? So sorry if I am duplicating this request. I only read through your posts but not the comments. I hope you earn an award for costume design, the kilt’s for the men are my absolute favorite!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you get some rest and a little R&R from time to time. Sounds like you are very busy preparing for Season 2 (thanks so much for the sneak peak!).

    Very warmest regards,

    Kathy Gumbleton
    (old English last name, we are all related, so little of us left with that name)

  4. Avatarmquecdn

    Thanks for sharing this song, Terry. It’s one of my favorites, but I’ve never thought about it in regards to Jamie & Claire’s relationship. It’s perfect. What I love about the song is the way it reflects what a mature loving relationship should be: honest, courageous, equal, accepting, giving, consuming & freeing.

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