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Here’s to the Costumes…What a Fan Learned from Outlander


Reblogging a post from Beth Wesson on costuming from a fan perspective.


I am somewhat embarrassed to post this incredibly flattering piece by Beth Wesson, lest anyone mistake my intention in doing so. I think it is an important read as is surmises so well what the job of a costume designer actually IS. I can yap on abut it, continually, but this is a fresh perspective, a viewers perspective, and I find it very valuable to hear how the intention of a designer is received. At the end of the day, we are speaking to you, the viewer, through our work. If it were a few hundred years earlier, we might be describing a gown, or a coat, to listeners around an evening fire. Storytelling, once again. Thank you Beth for an amazingly well done and thoughtful piece.

4 thoughts on “Here’s to the Costumes…What a Fan Learned from Outlander

  1. Avatarlarrouxgirl

    What a tribute, and deservedly so. Terry’s generosity from the start made a visit to her blog at least a weekly thing for me. More often when I thought (hoped) comments would add something to the mix. I’ve read in interviews with so many actors that the moment they get into costume, it all gels, and they truly become their character. Clearly that is the magic she (and her team) has worked with Outlander and undoubtedly will with DIA and beyond. Thank you, Ms. Dresbach, for all that you do.

  2. Katiscotch22Katiscotch22

    I love Beth’s blogs she is always so spot on with her observations. I loved this blog as I truly didn’t see the similarities between both of Claire’s wedding attires. Terry thank you so much for recognizing Beth she is so proud!!

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