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Great Article


Connie Sandlin posted this today on twitter. Finally, a description of what people do on a show!



However, They have some strange notes about the Costume Department. Generally we LOATHE the term “wardrobe”, and I have never heard of a costume department being divided into costumes and wardrobe as separate categories within the department.

I have wanted to breakdown everyone’s job description in a post, and will try to add that in later today.

All depends on what the weather is!


3 thoughts on “Great Article

  1. AvatarConnie Sandlin

    Wow, I’m really happy and honored to be mentioned! I just saw the article and thought to ask if you’d seen it, Terry. I thought it was very helpful for learning more, generally, about what the various departments and people do that we see in the credits for Outlander or listed on IMDb. I’m in awe of the “product” all you highly skilled artisans come up with. It’s the best show EVER!

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