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Geillis Sketch


Before casting. It says a lot how close the sketches are to the actual actors cast. That’s not because I can see the future, but because I am a fan of the book. I drew what was in my head, which I think was a fairly good approximation of what Diana wrote (except Dougal as Ron, of course). When they cast, they got pretty damned close. Certainly as close as could be expected. Lotte Verbeek IS Geillis through and through.

10 thoughts on “Geillis Sketch

  1. Belvane

    I like her expression a lot. Knowing what I do about the character from reading the books, I think this sketch lands even closer with what I had in mind than miss Verbeek does.

    Is this sketch digital or manual? The tone looks digital, but the linework around the hair has that old manual charm to it.

    1. terrydresbach

      Manual, with a bit of shading done digitally. I was really exploring sketching on an iPad back then. Like it a lot, because I could do it anywhere, anytime, but resolution issues printing were not great. So I went back to pencil.

      1. Belvane

        The fantasy of being able to digitally draw everywhere is still in its first stages; I’m sure one day technology will come up with that roll-up pocketable digital canvas I’ve been dreaming of. In this specific sketch I feel the pencil does it justice, actually. It also fits with a sketch for an 18th century character – I can almost imagine this in Geillis’s own scrapbook, with her vainly gazing at it on occasion, in between husband-poisonings.

    1. Moz

      Another thing I loved about Claire in 1743 is how she still moves like a woman of the ’40’s. It stands out more with the clothing she’s wearing especially when she’s mad.

  2. laraynesthings

    I love how you describe her playing with her clothes. She seems to have so many things racing through her mind, that her body probably can’t stay still! Can we ever see all the costumes you mention on the podcast that Ron ‘refused’ to show us?

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