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Geillis – Sketch Episode 104







I LOVED this costume. I designed Geillis as if she was always playing dress up, always playing a part. That is why not of her costumes connect as if they belonged to one person. There only theme would be that they make people slightly uncomfortable, but they are not entirely sure why. This costume is her Fiscal’s Wife costume. She comes to the castle looking “respectable”.
I am madly in love with her fichu, which is felted wool.
Again we were able to play with costumes that don’t entirely feel like they are of the time. A bit disconcerting, but certainly within the realm of possibilities.

(Someone out there has a picture of Geillis from the hip up, tweet it to me, if it is any of you, please)


16 thoughts on “Geillis – Sketch Episode 104

  1. Carol (@CJ_in_NJ)

    This was my favorite so far! I love the layers on the sleeves and with the coat. I feel like with all the fantastic dresses at The Gathering this one was underrated in the last episode! I think it’s the combination of textures that’s so appealing to me.

  2. RebeccaTrogner

    Even though she’s covered from head to toe, she’s still very alluring and sexy. It must be the way she moves her body, or the flash of that red fan. Anyone else would look enveloped by the amount of fabric covering her body, but not Geillis.

  3. Donna Silva Berry

    This reminds me that Geillis came from the sixties, when we wore “costume” styles. It was a time of mixing styles from history with Bohemian pieces. We started mixing patterns and fabric textures from pieces we gathered from thrift stores. I love that about Geillis…..so hedonistic

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