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Geillis – Moth Dress – Episode102


My favorite Geillis dress. I call it the Moth Dress. I think it defines her. We frequently left off the corset on Geiliis. Women should look at her and say, “She’s not wearing a corset!” And men should look at her and say “She’s not wearing a coset!”

There is a wildness and a freedom to this dress, a sense of abandon. It looks like it might fall off if you blew hard enough, or if she might just flap her arms a couple of times and float upwards. It has tremendous movement.

If you look close enough, you will see a plaid we stitched into the bodice.


9 thoughts on “Geillis – Moth Dress – Episode102

  1. debbiedake

    I listened to the podcast last night while watching Episode 2 in silence. Now I can see why you called it the “moth dress” especially when she raises her arms! And the strings on her blouse that she plays with too…

    I love the podcasts and hope you continue to be part of them. They explain so much, I love hearing every detail of the show.

    You were surprised that the show ended so soon too! Tell Ron they should be a lot longer…

  2. Jo Ann Platt

    I have a question about the shawl Geillis was wearing when she first met Claire. I could see that it was threadbare in places, but what was the large hole where it rested on her shoulder? Does it serve a purpose or is it simply a hole caused by the fabric wearing through?

    Love your costume designs….love EVERYTHING about the show.

  3. Michele Delgado (@MoreThanTango)

    I listened to your podcast, and I love what you have done with Geillis’ wardrobe. It’s remarkable how she’s “sexy” but not overtly. From my perspective as a fan, I wouldn’t have realized why, it just seems like she’s somehow “uncovered,” or maybe “revealed” is a better word, I would just feel it. Whereas Claire is covered but somehow more alluring than the average villager. And I wouldn’t be able to articulate why I feel that way specifically, just that I do. It’s subtle and just brilliant.

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