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Geillis in Green



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16 thoughts on “Geillis in Green

  1. AvatarCelticGlamazon

    The pleating is divine. My favorite parts are the knitted handkerchief, which I forgot the technical term for, and the clasp for the outer cover. Was the green material woven in house or purchased from an outside vendor, because…wow…the detail is lovely?

  2. rhonnie.b@xtra.co.nzrhonnie.b@xtra.co.nz

    Hi Terry, can I just say that your pattern cutter is an absolute star. The pattern lines are beautifully matched & where they are on the bias at the side they fall just perfectly, whoever she is, is worth her wieght in gold.. I’m so interested in the technical aspect of the pleats in the coat & reallly have to know how they are achieved without the bulk in the back seam, I’m presuming that it’s done like a kick pleat. I’m also presumeing that the beautiful muslin petticoat & stomacher were pre pleated fabric as this would be an amazing attention to detail & above & beyond if your team had pleated it themselves. Muslin in not the easiest to manipulate in that manner. LOVE, LOVE LOVE it, sorry if you get sick of hearing it.

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  4. Avatarnolakate

    all fashion repeats: this coat and skirt, with a different blouse, could be worn in the 1900-1910s ( had one similar when I worked in an office, cause that’s my favorite fashion time.

  5. AvatarMarian

    Love seeing all the views of the costume to appreciate the incredible details and perfection of the whole! I enjoy the red accessories, (the fan, the shoes) because they give a clue to Geillis’ true nature.

  6. Avatar@punkiBrenda

    Delicious that is the word for looking at the clothing in Outlander….So much detail so much thought and so much hard work! What a team of talented people that has an absolute splendid designer at the helm..Again so very very pleased and in awe enough so I have lost track on number of rewatches of show I have saved on DVR

  7. marthamartha

    Dear Terry, did I say that you are THE BEST?????Thank you soooo much for the photos that give us the chance to have an inside look of the clothes! And I must say that I almost feel that I’m can sense the texture of the clothes! Amazing!!!!!!! I’m getting greedy here! Waiting for more!!!! 😀 : D 😀

  8. Purl99Purl99

    I have this book called Patterns of Fashion #1 English women’s dresses and their construction c. 1660-1860 by: Janet Arnold. I use it as inspiration for all kinds of things…including my interior design. I can sew…I can demo…I can paint…I can build…I always find it interesting to hear where others get inspiration. My color inspiration comes from my collection of 50’s refrigerator dishes along with a steel sculpture that I bought my husband years ago…each are all colors of the rainbow and it makes me happy. My home reflects these colors.

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