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Geillis – The Gathering


I wish, wish, wish I had pictures of all of our actors in costume. I only have this small screenshot, but it shows a little. Hopefully something bigger will show up at some point.

Anyway, Geillis is wearing an Arisaid, a Scottish woman’s plaid. It is purely an ornamental garment, obviously, as it is made of sheer fabric, and clasped at the shoulder with a Lovers Eye brooch.

I used a man’s leather belt, with a jeweled buckle, at her waist, as both a nod to Highland men, and as a way to provide contrast to her delicate, translucent costume. Feminine, but dangerous.

The painted eye belongs to Charles Stuart.

Sorry the quality of the photos is so bad.

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26 thoughts on “Geillis – The Gathering

  1. AvatarEllery H Flynn

    I saw a woman in last night’s show in an arisaid–for some reason it really made my heart sing. There is so much focus on the men in their plaids, and rightly so as there is something about a man in his plaid. But the arisaid is beautiful and so functional….There are many days I wish I had one!

  2. AvatarRebeccaTrogner

    The lover’s eye brooch. I thought those were kept hid away, as they were literally the eye of their lover. Lover not being their spouse. So these were actually worn in public? Not doubting, just curious, and trying to learn the accurate history of these brooches.

    1. Avatarterrydresbach

      It is Geillis. She does not pay attention to the rules of the bourgeoise!

      Sometimes we break the rules for an individual character. We surmise that everyone in the 18th century, just like now, did not approach things in the same way. Mrs. Fitz knits her own bits, Geillis wears a secret brooch, out in the open. She is also not wearing a corset!!!!!

  3. Avatar⭐Pamela (@P_Umali)

    I really do love this costume of Lotte–and the the belt was perfect. Very much how this character is-feminin (which I love), but strong and dangerous. Love reading about this as you only get quick glimpses of the dress. I found the painted eye interesting and fascinating — gonna research it now and get more info.

    Thank you Terry-just love getting the insights of your design. Your explanations are a validation of how I feel when I see them.

    One of my favorites by far–this dress.

  4. Avataroutlanderbooklover

    I’m just loving all of Geillis’ dresses – especially the scene in the surgery. And this one with the Arisaid and the brooch was particularly intriguing and lovely.

    I noted the woman in the crowd scene outside the Castle with the Arisaid and it was just beautiful.

  5. AvatarKristin Milner (@WarriorInSoul)

    Once again, just as with the monkey coat, this sheer silver Arasaid acts in beautiful contrast with Lotte’s hair. Love the Charles Stuart painted eye, as it seems to be a subtle nod to Geillis’ leanings/agenda. The word I would use to describe her dress is ethereal, and I love the reasons you outfitted her with a leather belt. What a distinct message it sends about her character.

  6. Avataramorley552014

    I thought I had imagined that Eye brooch! So glad to know I did not. Such a wonderful thing for Geillis! Eye see all. Geillis looked beautiful in Ep 104. You have to win an Emmy for this and a Golden Globe. They have a category for costumes on TV, right?

  7. AvatarHiedi Ashworth

    Love the brooch! I saw a show of these at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware. They were beautiful. They are also doing a show of Downton Abbey costumes there right now as well. All the costumes in episode four are wonderf!

  8. kmcherrettkmcherrett

    This dress is so Geillis and I have to admit I didn’t notice the “eye” broach at first. I really loved the outfit Gellie was wearing when she was waiting for Claire in her surgery and wondering if Claire was pregnant. Loved the line of the skirt and the flow when she walked.


      1. Avatarkathleenlynagh

        That is impressive. Setting up a team of costume makers and jewelry makers and in a foreign country. You do fabulous work. I am a jewelry designer and maker, I am currently working for a LA costume collector. I am re-creating 3 museum quality jewelry pieces that were worn in 3 different movies from the 1930’s. They along with the costumes will be on exhibit at the Academy this October. Hollywood Costume Exhibit. It’s kinds like making jewelry for movies… but just not current movies.

  10. Avatarthe staid raven


    you said: “…………to use one of these at the time of our story is inaccurate. Lovers Eyes did not show up for another 40 years”

    how’s this for a bit of spin?

    Geillie came back in the late 1960’s. she doubtless would have seen and or known of such a brooch. she met and married the well to do arthur duncan and commissioned her brooch therefore making it the first of it’s kind.

    it simply took a few decades for it to catch on in full force.

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