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Geillis – Gathering


I was really sorry we didn’t see more of the gown we made for Geillis in the Gathering.

It is a riff on an Arisaid, or maybe better put, Geillis’s particular take on an Arisaid. Once again, Geillis “plays with her clothes”. She is always playing dress up, never the same Geillis twice. Geillis is always wearing a costume.

I STILL wish I had a really great pic of Lotte in this costume. The wonderful Emily took these pictures, and did an excellent job of styling the mannequin, but this is one of those costumes that requires a body.

And YES, the eye brooch is purposely large. I made that choice, for the telling of the story. I know that the actual ‘lovers eye’ brooches were much smaller.

Did I post a sketch of this one?? This blog is getting too big!



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13 thoughts on “Geillis – Gathering

  1. Ccathybrown

    Many other books mention sewing the sleeves onto a gown once the person was already dressed in it. Would this have happened in 1743? If yes, do you sew the sleeves on first or after? The sleeves of this dress look very much like they could have been sewn on after Geillis had already donned the dress.

  2. emrys22

    Thank you for posting these. I love seeing the detail. Much kudos to you and your team for the costumes you do. I was in awe to hear on the podcasts, things like commissioning the tartan weave, and Ron’s requirement to have the correct red for the “redcoats”. The beautiful embroidery on the wedding dress and the use of shaved mica. You deserve every possible award! You passion and professionalism shines through. Thank you for your involvement in Outlander! And sharing it with us.

    One teeny tiny request, in the podcast could you please not do clicking in background, for those of us with Misophonia it was excruciating. Having said that I do love the podcasts. Would love to hear Gary Steele doing them.

    Thank you and all the very best

  3. Debbie Dake

    The dress itself is beautiful but I particularly love the belt. Also, the colors from the shot with Lotte wearing the dress look green-ish from here. Was it colored differently or did the lighting alter the natural hues shown on the mannequin?

    I miss the show (who doesn’t?) and I miss your podcasts. They really were a highlight of my week. My life isn’t boring or slow, but the podcasts while re-watching each episode were such a fascinating look at a world so different from mine. I look forward to their return.

    Thanks as always ~ Debbie

  4. eleny

    This posting of yours is such a gift today!

    This past weekend I listened to all your podcasts. What a treat to hear your & Ron’s thoughts about the episodes scene by scene. Then today I decided to watch the 4th episode on demand, muted, as I listened to the podcast.

    It was hard to catch a glimpse of this dress and impossible for me to see the brooch. So I’ll watch it again on a larger screen later this evening. And won’t that be a treat.

    And it’s hard to pick a favorite part of this outfit. Luckily, we don’t ever need to do that. This dress is so subtle but as with others it demands a double take. I love these sleeves as I have always been drawn to the look of dresses with gauzy sleeves popular in the 1940s and 1950s. And the metal detail on the sash balances beautifully with the strong belt.

    I’d like to share a thought about this fourth episode. When Geordie dies during the boar hunt, the camera has a shot from very far away. Seems to me that all the production talents came together there in a tableau that took my breath away.

  5. Marian

    It’s great to see the gown full length to appreciate the detail. The Lover’s Eye broach was striking in The Gathering episode because even in the midst of all the action, it telegraphed a little clue to Gellis’ nature (Jacobite cause -Prince Charles.) Now that I see the dress on the form, I see your attention to detail in the silvery bugle beads sewn along the edge of the arisaid; understated wealth and elegance.

  6. wendymckenz

    Terry this is beautiful! I feel for you and your team in regards to all the time and effort put in, for such a fleeting glance on the camera. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Ps – the brooch is my personal favourite – very Gellis

  7. manotherm

    I love this belt! I had no idea of the details of the dress from watching it on the show, I think my eye went straight to Charlie’s eye. 🙂 The arisaid is so delicate and pretty….. like Lotte. *g* LOVE the big pics! Keep ’em coming.

  8. Hi Terry, me again. I could have sworn that this gown was a pale sage green so the lighting on set must have changed it somewhat. It’s all the lovely details that you put in that unfortunately didn’t get picked up on screen, like the zip like trim on the Arasaid, the inner sleeve seam being slightly ruched with little pearls (?) as a trim, the weave in the fabric (it looked sheer on screen) that really make this. Wonderful work once again. I think we all focused on the Lovers Eye & not the other details, but again superb work from you & your team.

  9. lsaari

    A gorgeous gown! I particularly liked the oversize eye brooch! Did I read somewhere that it was Bonnie Prince Charlies’ eye?

    Kudos to you and your staff!


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