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12 thoughts on “Frank

    1. terrydresbach

      I love Frank. He is a complicated man, like so many of his generation who came through the depression and the war. Still waters.
      I think Frank gets shortchanged a lot by fans. He stood by Claire, even after she ran away with another man (from his pov) and came back pregnant. then he raised and loved another mans child as his own. That is a decent man.

  1. thegardeneroutback

    Terry, I am so excited to hear you say that about Frank. I think he is the unsung hero of much of the Outlander world, and I never want his character to disappear. Hopefully with the next book Diana will begin revealing all that Frank knew and did to protect his family.

  2. Tracey Fraser-Swatton

    This epitomises Frank. He is WW11, MI6, reserved, constrained. He can’t talk about anything he did yet he must have an amazing back story. He is certainly very loyal and for that alone you have to admire him. However he also sets out to adopt a child that he would be in his rights to ignore and give her an upbringing that sets her up for something that he can’t really admit can possibly be possible yet may be. I am so looking forward to meeting Frank!

  3. japplebyvines

    I agree with you Terry about Frank. Everyone wants to pigeon hole him because Claire thinks he cheated while they were apart during the war. He is a ‘stand up guy’ in a lot of ways and definitely a man of his era.

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