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The Ring

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      Terry I wanted to tell you I love the ring. It took me a bit to come around but I am trusting Ron. I am having a problem with reimagining the key though. What part of the key is the vertical piece on the ring? I’m sure it’s a simple answer, but I can’t imagine the ring as a key. That’s what is bothering me now! Silly, I know.

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      I think the ring is really lovely! I love the hand-forged texture and simplicity. Terry’s explanation of Claire’s costuming being without too many bells and whistles and frills follows thru to the ring as well. It fits the character of both the giver (Jamie) and the receiver (Claire)… It works.
      But even though I am a designer myself and most interested in details, it is not just about the ring itself as an object, but about the sentiment!!!
      We know it is physically made of a key, and in the episode, Rupert and Angus were charged by Jamie to have it made as one of his 3 conditions for marrying Claire. If you know anything about those 3 conditions and about Jamie, you KNOW he is genuine, thoughtful, and guided by heart, so then I have to trust that this key has some deeper sentiment or symbolism. Maybe we don’t know it yet…maybe we will never find out, but either way, I trust the story. I trust the characters and the bond. I trust Ron and Terry.
      The show has has been wonderful to watch and I am enjoying seeing the adaptation of a beloved book come to life…differences and all! Instead of looking for the differences, live in moment! It is an exciting new journey and I find it all refreshing as it unfolds. I never want great books to end, and in a way, the show is extending the life of the story for me. That is cool.

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      I think the ring is beautiful. It looks like something Claire would wear; we know she is “terrifyingly practical.” I love that the ring is unique and made especially for her, not necessarily true of the lamented silver thistle ring. Most of all, I lo v e the symbolism of Jamie using the key to his home to make t g e ring for Claire– truly romantic! Kudos to you, Terry, on a beautiful ring!


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      I am one of those people who have loved Outlander since it was published, so of course I notice the deviations from the story. They may make me take pause. I don’t let them bother me or lessen my enjoyment of the show in any way. Different mediums-differnt aims and all that. I actually like the ring. It is an interesting concept and I think really effective onscreen. It is a striking visual. For me, the polished and sleek gold ring speaks of the modern and clean world that she left and the rustic, oxided look of the key ring juxtaposed against the gold shows the nature of the world she now inhabits. The two rings really tell a complete story. It is a ring that I would wear. As a very amateur jewelry maker of 10 years, I think that I look at the feelings that jewelry evokes in me and the story that it tells me. This may not be the tale we got in the book, but for a visual medium like a TV show, the impact of the key ring along side the plain and shiny gold band gives a different and more impactful feel. It is even more special that the key means something important to Jamie.

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      I do love the ring, even if it is different from the book, you have all done a wonderful job in giving us the visual of Jamie and Claire !
      It is a pity it has such a high pricetag !

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      My concern with the ring is not the design or “prettiness.” It is that the thistle ring played a pivotal part in the Leoch scene in the book. I’m trusting Ron in the later episode.

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      So far though, even when the story has deviated from the original way it was presented in the book, the writers have still been able to bring it back around to the same point in the end. I think they are skilled at adapting material for the screen and I, personally, feel pretty confident that they will get us to the same emotional scene, if by a slightly different route. There are still ways to have the same impact on the story without the thistle ring. I am with your SherryeDee, I’m trusting Ron. It’s been a fun journey so far, so I’m going to trust that it will all be satisfactory down the road!

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      Mary K

      Let me just say that I have enjoyed every aspect of the show so far. You know, surprises for the “Outlander Old-timers” make the series a lot of fun. The crew is very obviously honouring to Diana and her written material. It’s exciting to see how the changes made in the screen adaptation meander back to the true essence of the story. Kudos. You guys are geniuses!
      As for the ring….it’s actually hard to see just how beautiful it is on the screen. It wasn’t until I saw it here, that I realized how perfect it is for Claire, especially coming from Jamie. It’s a surprise twist, for sure, but I have loved all of the others.
      You’re right Terry/Ron <s>, six months is a long time. We’ll keep the fire burning.

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