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The end of the story.

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    Terry Dresbach

    I guess it got buried under the weight of the wedding dress.
    This is what I posted –

    “Terry Dresbach Post author
    September 22, 2014 at 1:26 am
    Okay, the answer was on last night. When Jamie tells Claire about the sun coming out when he first saw her, that is a reference to what he said to me that first night. I knew immediately when I heard sam speak the line, what it was.
    My wonderful man.”

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      Katie (@bunnums)

      How amazing that Ron pays tribute to your own love story while telling the love story of Jamie and Claire. And that it is mirrored by language Diana herself wrote in that wedding scene (though it was Claire’s line then).

      Yet another sign that this whole production was Meant To Be.


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      Connie Sandlin

      This production (Outlander) and all the people associated with it are awash in a special sort of magic or enchantment that I find thrilling and emotionally satisfying. I love your story of Ron’s comments to you, Terry, and how he includes “Easter egg” moments in acknowledgement of you and your family (like the ‘Run Rabbit’ song) in the fabric of the show. <deep contented sigh>

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      Terry Dresbach

      He is the most romantic man in the world. I remember one year when on my birthday where I was serenaded by a vocalist and guitarist. I think it was a Frank Sinatra song, I was crying too hard to hear.

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      Terry Dresbach

      Oh, I guess I did leave part of it out.
      Where did I stop?

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      Terry Dresbach

      Trying this for the 3rd time. It gets weirder saying it repeatedly.

      Ron says, “when you lean forward the lights come up, and when you lean back they go dim.”

      I sit there for a second, and then ask suspiciously, “exactly what do you mean by that?”

      And then he says, maddeningly cryptic, “I am just very aware that I am your boss”

      Jeez, this guy is going to make ME do the heavy lifting? I don’t do this! I don’t come on to anyone, they come on to me! I don’t make the first move, EVER. But he seems to afraid of a lawsuit, a sexual harassment lawsuit?? Seriously? I guess that means he is hitting on me.

      So I take a deep breath, and get up, walk round the desk, and into his arms. He asked me to marry him six weeks later.

      How’s that?

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        That’s the end of the story I was waiting for πŸ™‚ ! Seriously, this is such a wonderful, romantic tale. When I read your first post about this before the weeding episode I figured that him being your boss might present a problem for both of you when it came to a first move.

        I love this!

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        This just made me cry, in a beautiful way.

        [quote quote=2475]
        Ron says, β€œwhen you lean forward the lights come up, and when you lean back they go dim.”

        ^^^that, just that. I’ll never look at the Jamie/Claire sun scene in the same way again. Thank you for sharing this.

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      Now THAT is how romance is done.

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      Phew! Inquiring minds have GOT to know.

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      So romantic. What a wonderful story to tell your children!
      My story concerns more my step-daughter. She was 3 1/2 and, other than my sister as Maid of Honor,my only attendant. Both my husband and I got choked up during our vows, but she stepped forward, patted me on the butt, leaned forward to see my face and said “It’s okay, Jan.” Cutie pie!

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      AND….that certainly is not the end of the story…obviously! A beautiful beginning! The poem he wrote for your birthday this year, I’m sure is just one of many many loving gestures. So sweet.

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      OHhh it’s so perfect! I immediately thought of that line in the Wedding when I read your first blog post. So verey awesome that he wrote that in <3

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      Hi Terry!
      Please pardon my fangirling here but WOW!
      Thank you for being so generous with us about your creative process and allowing us into the inner workings of this adventure!

      The costumes are all mind blowing and add so much to the show.. I just can’t find words to express how exciting it all is.


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      That is so sweet!

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      It is so very clear how much he loves you and you him….He has a light in all the video of him, every single time he talks of you he himself does light up!!! As a woman who has not picked the best of men in my own life I find your story to be inspiring and his putting special tidbits for you and children is just so well…sweet and special!

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      I love that.

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      Hello Everyone of you, Outlander fans!

      Yay, I’ve finally read this. The circumstances in which two can meet never cease to amaze me πŸ˜€ I just hope I will find someone for me one day.

      Terry and the crew: to say that you did a tremendous job on the set is a serious understatement. Bravo!


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      What a touching, lovely beginning to a lasting love. I actually teared up. πŸ™‚

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      I’m really touched that you shared that with us, it’s so personal. Gave me goosebumps when I read it. Magical stuff.

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      Great story! Love to hear about you and Ron.

      On a different note . . . any chance I can come volunteer in your costume shop? I have experience from grad school. Any chance you are on location? Maybe I can help with the second half of season 2? Or 3? πŸ™‚


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