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    Hi, Terry and crew! Love the forum and all the info about the costumes and what it takes to get it all done. One of my favorite costumes is the ensemble on the tanner’s lad. Love all the details for a costume that is seen for only a few minutes on screen. I have a question about the separated sleeves in Clair and Jenny’s dresses? Is this something that would have been done in the period and if so why?

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      I don’t know specifically about Scottish women’s dress at this period but generally detachable sleeves were about both fashion and practicality. It meant that sleeves could be washed as they became grubby or replaced as they became worn/out of style, without the time and expense of laundering/making an entire dress. It also meant the dress or bodice could be adapted to suit the weather or the occasion. For example, removing the outer sleeve and rolling up your shift sleeve if you were making dough.

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