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    I have a student who would really like to get into the design elements of the movie industry. She is a very talented artist, and has made it to the State Finals 3 times in Theatrical Design.
    She has family in Southern California, and is thinking about attending college there.
    What, in your opinion, are the best schools for costume design / set design?

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      Terry Dresbach

      First of all, I cannot in all good conscience recommend that any young person get into the film industry, and definitely not if they are female. Our son is studying film, I wish he wasn’t, but I am not going to stand in front of a moving vehicle. Our daughter, fortunately, has shown no interest.

      I don’t know of many costume or set designers who actually studied their fields in school. Most of them are art school grads. I believe that FIDM has programs in costume design now, and USC, might, but I am not sure.
      NYU has the best programs for costume and stage design.

      Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, and others may say something different. That is just MY personal perspective.

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      Thank you for the heads up, Terry. And thank you for the 40th birthday shout-out 🙂

      She is just so, so talented. I’ve been the one really encouraging her to push herself and look beyond her horizons. For years she’s always said she just wanted to become a high school Theater teacher, “Just like you Mrs. Arlitt,” but I’ve been telling her there is a lot more in the world that she could grab.
      She is a beautiful artist and I’ll tell her about FIDM and USC, but I will also give her your warning.

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