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    Terry Dresbach

    I was just suggesting to Ron that I start doing a Costume Podcast. I am thinking that I will read through comments and questions here, and then answer them via podcast. Would you guys be interested? I would go back to Episode One and start from the beginning. Then Ron can do podcasts with the writers, Maril, maybe actors, who knows?

    It’s an idea. Maybe everyone can watch the upcoming episode, post onto the forum, things for discussion, and we can work our way through the first half of the series. It also allows me to go more in depth about the Costume process, working with our actors, our crew, much more in depth, without the pesky Executive Producer in the way.

    What do you think?

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      Yes, please! Withdrawal is hard with the season having ended, but podcasts can ease the pain. 🙂

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      Fabulousness <3 I have already made a trip to Strand Book Store in NY to order the book….xo

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      Brilliant! Thank you for your generosity. I’m really looking forward to hearing about the process itself – what it takes to go from a general concept to finished costume, what issues came up whether practical or aesthetics, how your team debated and decided to resolve them, etc.

      One suggestion – during the podcasts it might be helpful to refer listeners to some of your blog posts, where appropriate. For example, while discussing the embroidery on Claire’s wedding dress or the beggar’s badges, it would be so helpful to be able to view the detailed, close-up photos while listening to your commentary. There is already such a wealth of information and visuals on your blog that will enhance the listener’s experience and understanding.

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      A Costume Podcast is a brilliant idea Terry. I love it! Thank you! It will bring yet another layer to the enjoyment of Outlander. A chance to watch the first half of the season with a keener eye for the all the details you have labored to give your audience.

      A podcast with writers and Ron is a dream come true as well. Thank you.

      Going to the rewatch episode 1 again….Yay!

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      Season 1, Episode 1.
      Q. Like getting ready for a huge trip, what was it like getting ready for Outlander? How big is the shopping list?
      Q. Is someone taking pictures of all the costumes to capture your work?
      Q. What is your interaction with the Prop Dept., when the costume is in need a shield or other weaponry, to go with an outfit. Do you put together the whole outfit including weapons? Then do you have to know something about weapons as well? Where the sword goes and hangs, shield goes, gun holsters, powder horns, and knives.

      Q. With each episode, what is the most difficult challenge?
      Q. How large is your team doing the costumes?
      Q. Are you on set for the shooting to oversee the costume set-up?
      Q. What happens to the costumes when you are done with a shoot, and some can only be worn once?

      Thanks mucho for your time!

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      Any extra podcasts would be lovely to me. Learning more about the process really adds to the experience for me. Would love to hear from the writers, directors, etc. as well. I do especially enjoy the podcasts with both of you – your own interactions add to the podcast – in all honesty I’ve usually watched the episode at least three times before I watch with the podcast so I don’t have to pay such strict attention to the screen – love hearing the backstory from you both.

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      I think this is a great idea! Just did a marathon viewing this weekend (something like the 10th go for each episode!) and am still amazed at the level of detail in the production. I noticed for the first time that the poster with “Jamie” has his brooch circled and “Jacobite, possibly 18th century” written as a note.

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      I would love to hear a podcast about costuming. I enjoy re-watching the episodes and always try to pay particular attention to dress details. Just tell us where and when, I’ll be sure to give a listen.

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      I would love to hear a podcast about just the costuming. It was sometimes confusing or frustrating when you and Ron podcasted together. I wanted to know everything about the show (Ron’s POV), but I also wanted to learn about all of the details of the costuming. One example, for me, is when you mentioned about all of the women in blue standing together at the gathering. Those kinds of details are fascinating!

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      Terry Dresbach

      Just recorded the first one, and sent off to Starz. Not sure when they will post it.

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