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    It’s been awhile since I’ve checked the website or perused social media about Outlander. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to Season 2 and consider myself a devoted fan. I look at Terry’s postings on twitter because really admire her designs and the work of her team. So, I know the series is set to resume in April.
    I also subscribe to magazines because it is a fund raiser for our local grade school. I have a few magazines that I get for myself to take to the nail salon when I need some girl time. I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when I opened People magazine and saw Jamie, Claire and the lovely red dress and shoes. Really love those shoes. Today I received my Entertainment Weekly and was a little taken aback. I’m trying to figure out why. Jamie and Claire are on the cover looking like they are having sex but instead of looking at each other they are looking out at us. They have the oddest look on their faces. I feel like some creepy voyeur looking at them. The article begins with some reference to Claire wanting to change history but instead is talking male body parts with her new French friends. Then Caitriona Balfe is quoted as saying that she is tired of the fandom thinking that she and Sam Heughan are a couple. Strange all around given the sexy pictures. On the positive side, there are wonderful pics of Terry’s court creations. At first blush, I am thinking someone in PR needs to respect the wishes of the actors and keep the sexual content where it should naturally unfold in the series itself. There are plenty of other ways to market the series and the actors are very beautiful an appealing without placing them in sexual positions that don’t occur in the show. Might cut down on some of the fandom drama. Also, I would not have purchased Diana’s book if the Entertainment cover was the book cover so I am not entirely sure what message this is sending about the series. I believe that Diana has long wanted to be viewed as much more than a romance writer. Oh well, I’ll place EW in the pile of magazines and take to the salon and keep puzzling over this one. Anyone still out there?

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