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    Terry! I am just loving the knitted costume pieces the women wear. I am especially loving the knitted pieces that Claire wears. I am knitter myself; I knit by hand and without a loom. Being self-taught I’m just getting into the different things available to knit. I’ve made my first cabled arm warmer ever…and I had a lot of fun. I have to finish the other one but I have sort of a short attention span when it comes to my projects and I’ve moved on to a shawl very similar to one Claire wears, particularly at the end of The Garrison Commander. I want to move on to cardigans and the like.

    My guess would be that you folks mass produce these pieces, given that Outlander has a cast of thousands. Do you make them yourselves or do you contract those out? If you make them yourselves, how do you do it? Do you have huge looms, in big rooms? Do you work directly with knitters in designing these pieces?

    Thank you!!

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      Sharon F.

      I am in love with the knitted pieces and am also an avid knitter! Who is constructing these gorgeous knitted garments? I am enamored by the shawl Claire is wearing during the Rent and Garrison scenes. The yarn used looks so rustic and crunchy. Any chance of seeing a close up of the back?

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      Terry, is the new shawl Claire wears in episode 8 connected in the front OR open, wrapped and tucked in? I know the big, chunky cowls that she wore in earlier episodes are infinity, but I thought I saw a photo posted somewhere that would indicate the episode 8 shawl is not.

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      I do like mittens – all of them, but since I’m not very experienced knitter, it’s only admiring other people’s work – sure it takes some effort!

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