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    Ms. Dresbach, thank you so much for creating such a wonderful place for fans of ‘Outlander’ to congregate and discuss the wondrousness that is every bit of textile we see on this series. It is a feast for the eyes. Thank you for all of your hard work and for that of your team’s.

    I look forward to reading more from yourself and others about the process of creating such wonderful costume pieces.

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      Terry Dresbach

      Well, Kesskoos…you are our FIRST POSTER!!!!!!!! Yay. I have no idea what I am doing yet, but we are going to give it a spin.

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        Very excited to hear what you have to share about the costuming for the series. Have enjoyed reading your site and learning about your creative process, research and what goes into making the world of Outlander come to life.

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        Terry Dresbach

        Welcome!!!! I am trying to figure out how to add a few more topics, so this should be an interesting day!

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      Hi Terry, this is a really great idea, I have wanted to ask you about copyright issues. The 2 similar coats I’ve done for charity funds for Sam & Caits charity have both been recieved well & several fans have asked me to make other’s however I am reluctant to do this without allowing yourself & Starz to comment on the copyright issues. Would love to have a dialogue on this with you.

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      Terry Dresbach

      Hi Rhonnie, I am no lawyer, but since you are not “selling” your beautiful creations, and are so generously donating the proceeds to Sam’s charity, I would imagine you are fine. I would liberally use the term “inspired by”.

      Beyond that I don’t know. I just can’t imagine a problem, but I am not a giant corporation. Hope that is a LITTLE bit helpful.

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      I cannot tell you what a TREAT it is to see \”Outlander\” (or Cross Stitch here in NZ) costumes jump off the page and into reality! You and your team should justifiably be so proud of what you have created! The colours, textures and fabrics are so visually stimulating I wish there was touch-o-vision 😀 So….thanks!

      PS Aside from the “Unflagging Joy” I cannot wait to see what you have created for the bride and groom 😉

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      Are you winding down with the end of the season or is the preparation for the new season about to kick into high gear?

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        Terry Dresbach

        We are full steam ahead on Season Two. I have been designing for months.
        It has been a real challenge, because we have also been shooting Season 1, and doing two seasons at once is brutal. But a season as big as 2, needs a year of prep or it is not going to be what it needs to be. Even doing what we are doing, there is a slight grain of panic in the back of my head at all times. So, not a lot of breather ahead.

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      don’t know how you do it Terry, I know you have a great team but the buck kinda stops with you, Hope you at least have some downtime to recharge

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        Terry Dresbach

        I guess it is just what I do. I am coming to terms with that. I fight against it a lot, because can be overwhelming to always live live at 800%. I am trying to settle at 500% in a world that expects an infinite amount.
        It is about learning how to create reasonable boundaries, and letting people hold onto their own “hot potatoes”. But it is not an approach generally accepted in this world.
        Ron and I are going to take two weeks, and I am going to try and keep things to a minimum roar.

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      This is fantastic! Thanks for setting up the forum Terry!

      The wedding will be screened next week here in Sydney Australia. Do you think there will ever be a chance that the costumes from the show and related production notes etc would tour as an exhibition? There is so much interest in the books and the show …

      There was a fantastic movie made in 1945 in the Uk by the Archers ( a famous directing team) it’s called “I know where I’m going” and it’s about an English woman in Scotland :). It’s magical.

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        Terry Dresbach

        Absolutely no idea. Unfortunately I have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the marketing or merchandising of anything to do with the costumes.

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        I want to second your recommendation of “I know where I’m going”. It is an amazing classic movie, and a wonderful romance and very evocative of Scotland at about the time that Claire and Frank were there. It’s a movie worth many viewings; I’m inspired to dig it out and watch it again. Thanks, Hope

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      Well…..just YAY! Very excited for the forum !

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      Hi again, morning in NZ just quick ? before I go to work. In your research what were the commonly used fastenings aside from horn buttons & lacing. Were hooks & eyes invented then? When doing my fashion degree we didn’t get as far back as the 18th century in the history module so can’t remember.

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      Wanted to thank you for this forum and you willingness to let us see “behind the curtain” so to speak. Everything you share just makes the show that much more compelling. Love the podcasts you and Ron do. I mute the TV and watch/listen. It’s amazing how many things I pick up each time I watch/rewatch an episode. Thanks again!

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      I’m very excited for this forum and thank you for sharing a bit of the process with us!

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      Add me to the list of grateful spirits ! I love Outlander but I also REALLY love the craft and talent on display in the making of these magnificent costumes !!! I can’t tell you how much fun I am having getting into the nitty gritty of all the details- I love textiles old and new, love to embroider, hook rugs, sew, knit and create… I am living vicariously through your experiences Terry <3

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      spending a giant amount if my life in corporate. I treasure the times that I am creating.
      But certainly recharge with your husband, family and friends.
      I see many hand drawn photos on your site, do you draw them yourself! cause wow I bow down to you. My creative journal is really! not nearly and amazing since I use crayons, colored pencils and dyes.

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      Hello Everyone. I’m so happy to have found my way here. I have been a book fan since 2000ish. I also love to sew, knit, crochet, and glue stuff to other stuff 🙂 . I spend lots of time pouring over costume photos from any “costume drama” so Outlander is particularly amazing for me. Thank you, Terry, for giving us a place to obsess over these absolutely stunning creations.

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