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Jamie's Signet Ring

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    Thanks for a wonderful and insightful look into your world. The amount of work involved is amazing with the end products even more so 🙂 I wanted to ask you (or anyone who knows) about the design of Jamie’s signet ring. It looks to be a Stag. (like the one in the beginning credits). I noticed he began wearing it in Season 2 and when Claire returns to her time in Season 2 Ep 1, she appears to have Jamie’s ring and is frantically looking for the lost stone. Are you able to reveal why that design was chosen and it’s significance at this stage? Is it part of the Fraser Family Crest? Thanks 🙂

    edit: Sorry, I didn’t think to google it…and it is the Fraser crest 😉

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    • This topic was modified 6 years ago by Biljana.
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