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    I started reading Outlander my senior year in high school when it was released. My mom couldn’t seem to put is down so, I took it out of our library when she was done with it. I felt like such a prat. It was only the second book in my life that had ever emotionally affected me. I was young. I didn’t know that was a normal thing. I was also feeling quite odd that I had seemingly fallen “in love” with a character on the pages of a book.

    As the years passed and motion picture studios seemed to be making larger productions and series, I wondered if Outlander would ever come to the screen…ANY screen. I also understood the concerns about having her books honored and the world she created stay intact through the translation from page to screen. The excitement that I felt when the announcement was made was palpable. It was coming to the screen. Knowing that Herself trusted the vision and the concept that the utterly astonishing Mr. Moore came to her with was enough credibility for me. And then the casting started…

    I had, for so many years walked around with the image of Jamie, MY Jamie, in my head I couldn’t even think that Mr. Heughan could take on something so seemly insurmountable. I watched his show reel, like everyone else. I looked him up, like everyone else. IMDB page…scanning…great we got a Hallmark production actor for our Jamie? What the devil is this guy Moore thinking. Wait…Doctors. (My guilty pleasure when we lived in Germany) HE was Scott Neilson? Jesus I loved that guy, what a prick that guy was. So then I looked him up again. But this time, I found the clip from Doctors of Neilson’s first date with Cherry. And I closed my eyes and I listened. And there he was. Jamie. Talking sweet nothings to Cherry as he tried to woo her. Mr. Heughan made it much easier at that point. He coloured his hair and Herself was right. There was Jamie. Walking, talking, breathing to life the character she created 20 some-odd years before.

    From that moment on, I made it a point to trust Mr. Moore’s creativity and vision. I don’t know all the ins and outs of bringing a book to the screen and I don’t know about how to make something flow on film. I do know that even though I don’t agree with some of the transitions that had been made, I don’t know where his mind is working. And that if I want to keep enjoying this amazing ADAPTATION I will continue to trust his vision as Mrs. Gabaldon does.

    And thank you to you Mrs. Dresbach. The vision of Jamie and Claire on their wedding day has been forever etched over the picture I created in my mind. It has been said that clothes don’t make the man. But, in this case, clothes very much do make all of our men. They have come to life in such a breath taking way. Again, Mr. Moore’s decision to choose you as the costume designer was inspired to say the least. Every choice that he has made thus far, for the most part(yes the darn ring is sticking), has been spot on.

    Thank you for helping me through another deployment with a bit of escapism. 🙂

    So, this is me declaring for all the Poutlanders out there,

    In Ron, I trust.

    Yours Very Respectfully,


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