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Hats! Hats! Hats and more!

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    First off, the costuming in this production is spectacular! It will be interesting to see how as the series progresses through the books (and I can’t imagine that as amazing these books are that it will not!) your attention to costume detail will continue to be so beautifully accurate to the meticulous changes in fashion.

    I do have a question, two in fact. Hats. I love the tams (berets), especially the grey, slouch versions being worn by the MacKenzie/Frasier soldiers. They appear to be fashioned from a cashmere or a very fine felted wool fabric. Were they created specifically for this production, or were they resourced? I’ve been looking for something like this in black for over 5 years with no success. Everything I’ve found are too small with no slouch to them, or are knitted version which is not what I want or need.

    I had one that was unfortunately taken from my car with an antique pin my mother had given me before her death, so it’s loss has been doubly challenging. Could someone provide a resource for me? Mind you I have purchased MANY (34 to be exact!) via the internet, since nothing locally was available, that fit or worked at all.

    Thank you. Looking forward to what you have in store(especially Claire!)on April 4th!

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      Susan F.

      I, too, am looking for hats like the ones Dougal et al are wearing. My husband really wants one to wear with his kilt, but the ones I’ve seen are really tacky. Any ideas where to find one, or get a pattern to make our own?

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