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Geillis' cape or capelet in the episode the way home.

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    Hello Terry: I love Outlander and you and your husband please keep up the great work you are doing for us fans! Anyway, I wanted to ask about the cape or capelet that Geillis wears in the episode, the way home? It looks like feathers and she is pulling on the ties or cords while she is talking to Claire in the castle gardens. It looks like a beautiful shade of light blue. Please tell me what it is made of? It looks like a simple piece to recreate. I love capes/capelets. Sincerely, La Costurera from Texas

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      Not sure if this is the one you mean ut I just made this Geillis Duncan inspired cloak. Mine is longer than the one she wears but I wanted that way. I can’t wait to wear this over my arisaid. Waiting for Fall weather for Renaissance Festivals so I can show this baby off!

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