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      I thought this was a great episode! I loved the scene at Craigh na Dun! Absolutely loved it! There have been so many Frank discussions over the years and it was nice to see more depth in his personality. I am a Frank fan and want to know more about him. I want Diana to write a Frank book! I hope we continue to see more from Frank’s perspective in the next season. I want to know what he knew in about Claire’s past and future, what he knew about Jamie, and I really want to know what he knew about Brianna’s future.

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      The best thing about the costumes for Episode 108 was that both periods were so well represented. In a single episode we have the debonaire (if disheveled) Frank, grimy Angus, the Road Gang looking a bit frayed around the edges and like they could each do with a bath and change of clothes (with Claire and Ned remaining, in character, tidy and professional looking), Hugh looking like he’d sprung directly from the rocks, Mrs. Graham’s housedresses, and the adorable Roger’s suit. Each character’s costumes anchor him or her to time and position in the story and in their lives. I’ve never understood fully before how much costuming can, potentially, add to a film. In Outlander we see that potential fulfilled.

      The costumes for Tobias are a great example. As Frank sinks into despair, he becomes more disheveled. As he resolves to leave Inverness and start his life anew in Oxford we see the razor-sharp creases return. Randall’s generally more unkempt look reflects the darkness in which he dwells. A truly good man would be, we know in our hearts, tidier, cleaner, more couth. This is a man who shaves in front of a woman, a man whose personal habits reflect the contempt with which he holds others. And his uniform, while proper and expensive, is just a bit off — just a bit uncomfortable to him.

      As a viewer, I see the costumes and marvel at them individually and as an ensemble. But from Terry’s description, I know the team doesn’t have he luxury of designing and making the costumes for each episode as a unit like you might on a movie. The costumes for Episode 108 include outfits, like those of the Road Gang, that carry from one episode to another, while others of the costumes are purpose-made for this episode. And it sounds like the costumes for the entire 8-episode block had to be made betwixt and between — in and around one-another as story lines developed, as parts were cast, and as craftspeople and materials became available.

      I am learning a good deal from reading your blog, Terry, and I’m enjoying your generous sharing of processes and materials. I wish you an enjoyable Hiatus, busy as it will be!

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      I heard the weapon that Frank used to beat back his attackers is called a Blackjack. I like it!

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      I continue to love all the knits Claire wears. The blue knit cape/poncho (not sure what to call it) was so beautiful. I also love the 1940s outfits specifically little Roger. That darling child was a scene stealer

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      Katie (@bunnums)

      Loved loved loved Hugh Munroe. He, somehow, was lifted straight out of my head in a really eerie kind of way.

      So, what was done to his coat to make the ragged, tufted ends? What material is that? It really is just wonderful.


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        Loved the colors in Hugh Munro’s costume … considering concocting a built fabric that integrates those colors.

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      Hilda S

      As a Sign Language Interpreter I was interested in the “homesign” that Jamie and the beggar used. There were glimpses of actual current sign language in their dialogue…wondering if someone who knows sign was used or was it created on the spot?

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      Am I a weirdo because I want a charm bracelet filled with Gaberlunzies? Also, I kind of want that hat that Hugh wore. Didn’t think he would be the character I whose style I would be ripping 🙂

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      I just wanted to say, that I can’t tell you how many times I have watched the Craigh Na Dun sequence with Claire and Frank. It is so moving, I can’t help myself. It never gets old.

      Frank’s trench coat on, unbuttoned just gave that scene so much more impact. How it swooshed over his trousers as he ran and the way the wind caught it on the hill and his hair as he turned around to face the stone….gosh, it is so much MORE having that trench coat on, vs. him not having it.

      Claire’s cloak functions much in the same way. I LOVE that cloak. I want it for myself.

      A detail that made all the difference in my opinion.

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