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do you use period horse tack?

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    I love this show! Its so nice to have read a book 6 years ago and have it turned into such a beautiful tv production. The costumes are a work of art, just beautiful to watch.

    I have a question about the horse tack (ie saddles ect) in the show are you trying to be period specific with them? Or are they dressed up modern saddles to look like an older style? If they are period reproduction are you able to share what brands they are.

    I love the leather work on clairs horses bridle, it would be so nice to have something girly but functional for my horse and not in Hot pink ;-). It would be so nice to dress up my horse in some period gear for fun, and still look my age 33.

    The one saddle I saw on the show I was guessing it might have been a zaldi brand saddle, I only thought so as I had a english one made by them for Brannagh as she was too wide in the shoulders for a standard english saddle designed for leaner warmbloods, and they had some cool different saddles on their website.

    She Brannagh (horse) and I have been trying to learn how to do mounted archery seeing shes not really geared for horse jumping as she is a paint quarter cross, I’ve got to do something until April 😉

    and I have to also comment on how nice Jamies mid calf boots are, are they custom ones wher do you get them.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do and this forum

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