Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Congrats to Terry & Team!

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    Nominated for an Outstanding Costumes in a Period Television Series!

    Of course, we all saw the genius and creativity loooong before any awards show 😉

    Good luck!

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      Well said!

      Looking forward to seeing the second series later this year.

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        Still don’t use facebook or twitter but have colleagues who do and see NO RECENT TWEETS FROM EITHER TERRY DRESBACH ACCOUNT.

        I’m not a fantasist but a trained historian with an imagination who is (like so many people who have commented on these forums) able to watch fiction and enjoy/revel in it without feeling patronised or cheated IF the illusion is good enough. This is more than good enough – on every level. I know which bits are invention and which bits are not and still I enjoy it. I watch it and believe (yes, I’ll admit, on certain occasions I have instead inhaled my red wine) and that carries me through just as, if the whole is good enough, I will watch a theatre production and despite knowing that the chainmail is knitted twine spraypainted silver, believe wholeheartedly that it’s real chainmail I’m looking at and medieval knights wearing it. Keep going. Please. This is very good and I haven’t read the books but I do like what I’m seeing.

        By upbringing I’m a prickly protective Scot and apt to prejudge any historical depiction of Scotland with embarassment and a suspicion my heritage is being mocked but I like this. I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve been on the receiving end of spite and I can’t excuse it but please keep going, tweeting as you have before. Please don’t lose heart. Vernacular historical architecture is always defined by function dictating/directing design, it’s unique to the geographical place and time. Your costume design for season one seems to tuning into something similar. I don’t know what has been tweeted to you but I loathe bullying and the gradual wearing down of spirit it triggers. Please keep going as you have before. (Sod the lot of them – whoever they are.)

        Best wishes, Cassie (whose will-power is on it’s summer holiday)

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        Last day of summer holiday and excuses for willpower.

        Congratulations on the nomination and best of luck for Feb. 23rd (seems like a ‘first among equals’ contest with such beautiful, resonant costumes from everyone but obviously I have a favourite). Fingers crossed.

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