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Clan tartan

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    Am I right in assuming that the tartan used in the show are ancient tartan – and was the tartan sourced directly from Scotland?

    The clan characters look so striking and the clan tartans are fascinating.

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      Terry Dresbach

      We designed a few of the predominant tartans you see on Outlander, and had them woven.

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      Hello all:
      I am in a state of post-nuptial “nirvana.”
      Is it hot in here???… (sighs)
      My question is about the wedding plaid which Murtagh supplies to Jamie. It didn’t seem much different from the Ancient MacKenzie /Outlander pattern. Watched this episode twice and checked my eyes twice to make sure. Terry, will you please enlighten us?
      I hope cast and crew are congratulating themselves and each other on a grand slam home run! This series is A*M*A*Z*I*N*G`!
      Anne in NoHo

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      Might it be possible to purchase scraps of the wool tartan fabrics? I am a wool Appliqué enthusiast and would love to have some small pieces to use in my creations.

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