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    The photographs are absolutely stunning, and detail is magnificent. What is the weight of the dress?

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      Yes, Deborah, thanks for asking this. I was wondering the same thing. I saw a short video showing the special “seat” that was constructed for CB to sit/lean on due to the weight of the dress. They also described the golf cart that was retrofitted to allow BF to be driven around the set while standing, when she was wearing “the dress”.

      I know it had about 20 yards of fabric, but since I don’t sew I don’t know how that translates into approximate weight.

      Great question! 🙂

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      Claire is rather tall so I would estimate 1 yard of linen for the bodice and 4 skirt lengths for the skirt which makes about 7 yards of the silver linen (assuming 44″ width). Two yards of the cream silk for the sleeves and stomacher. I don’t know if the whole petticoat was cream silk – original ones generally were not – the fashion fabric was used where it could be seen and muslin or linen on the back. Assuming cream silk was used for the whole thing, about 5 yards of silk for the petticoat (assuming 44″ width). That’s about 12 yards of fabric. It doesn’t look to me like the pocket panniers Claire wears in the bedroom scene were the same underpinnings worn under the dress. It almost looks like a Civil War crinoline and a bum roll as the dress pouffed way out in the back which it would not have done had panniers been used. I also assume she wore an under-petticoat which would have been linen or cotton. My Civil War dresses probably weigh 3 or 4 pounds – silks less, wools a bit more.

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        Lady Gwynedd

        Yes, that’s what I thought Katiecarr. The panniers that Claire was wearing in the bedroom didn’t look substantial enough (or were the right shape) to support the dress. I guess the actual piece would have been too cumbersome still to wear for those scenes.

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