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Claire's earrings

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    I am just curious about the choices and decisions made for Claire’s beautiful earrings. I saw her wearing them in a few episodes though not in the wedding. They looked pierced. Perhaps this has been addressed elsewhere? The costuming and fabrics for Outlander are just luscious! I never expected to enjoy the show so much. I had never read the books.

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      For what it’s worth, I know that in the books, Claire’s ears are pierced.

      Then, as now, piercing ones ears makes sense if one has valuable earrings, since they’re more secure. And I’m not sure clip on earrings were invented in the 18th century. Maybe one of our historical experts can weigh in.

      ***********SPOILER ALERT ************

      When Claire is showing Jamie the photos of Brianna, she tells him she and Frank disagreed whether to let Brianna pierce her ears. Frank thought pierced ears look “cheap” but Claire had pierced ears, and felt it would be hypocritical to forbid Brianna piercing hers. (I recall the same sort of discussions when I wanted to pierce mine as a girl in the 60s.)

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