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    Hello !
    I’m not sure this has been discussed yet, but how do you think the TV show will treat the aging of Jamie and Claire, as seen in the books (Voyager if I remember well) ? They will be 20 years older than they are now, so I’m really curious about it.

    (Also, pardon my poor english. I’m swiss !)

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      Well, they’ve only been renewed through Season 2 at this point, but if they make it to Season 5&6, I bet there is some aging done.

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      they are now in 30s playing people in 20s, by the time we have 3 more books, they’ll be in 30/40s playing 50s. and some of the current population of actors don’t look much older than in their beginnings in real life

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      THey’re lucky that Claire doesn’t look as old as her peers during the later books, and Jamie has aged well. It’s amazing what you can do with stage makeup and prosthetics. I’m excited to see how they handle the aging.

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