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18th Century Scottish life for modern children?

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    I was wondering if anyone else was sharing show details from Scottish life in the 18th Century with their own wee ones?

    My children are far too young for any plot details from the show, but as I was singing the theme song while cooking I ended up showing them the title sequence with the lovely song (telling them Claire was a nurse to explain the stitching scene). They were captivated. My eldest immediately latched onto the red coats after making the connection with her American Girl books. I had to explain we are friends with the British now- ha. My two year-old boy loves saying “Jamie,” I think after showing him a picture of Sam on a horse. I’m thinking of printing him out a pocket Jamie to play with.

    Has anyone else shared details from Scottish life from the show with their kids? Are there any family-appropriate videos? It’s such a vivid time, it would be fun to share a little of the daily life details as a family.

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