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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al

Terry Dresbach

[quote quote=4110]I think we have parallel threads running for this topic. I wonder if it’s possible to combine them?



Due to the limitations of Twitter I wasn’t able to respond immediately the way I wanted. Ultimately, my response was thank you for posting this, because all it takes is one voice to start a snowball effect that can cause great change.

The timing of your post was unnerving, as I had just started a similar conversation on my Facebook page in reference to an article that was done on Benedict Cumberbatch.

[ http://www.out.com/entertainment/movies/2014/10/14/sherlock-star-benedict-cumberbatch-poised-make-alan-turing-his-own-imitation-game ]

The article discusses some of the unwanted attention he’s received by “fans,” and it started a tangent for me by reminding me of some Twitter responses I’d seen directed at Sam Heughan in the last few days. This segways into the parallel thread that I linked at the top of my response. I look forward to the dialog to follow on this topic.

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I have asked our wonderful mods to look into it.