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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


I wholeheartedly agree with what so many of you are saying–it is not just about preserving this one actor’s virtue (worthy cause though it may be) but trying to swim against the prevailing tide of a culture that seems to encourage leering, as long as it is accompanied by a laugh and the disclaimer “oh we’re just having a little fun.” Eonline had a vote for the best ass on TV feature just after the wedding episode aired, featuring the rear views of a multitude of actors and actresses on current cable shows. I can see how someone at E would laugh and consider that feature to be great click bait, but it certainly does not help to elevate the conversation.
I agree too, that the possibility of the full Monty in the second half of the season holds the potential for more of what we have seen so far, in terms of fan reaction. This was part of what drove me to write the piece in the first place. I was thinking about the reaction to the wedding episode (including complaints that we needed more naked Jamie in episode 8, like now we should expect it from here on out because we got to see it once) and thought how people may go nuts if the scene revealed more. I know it is a lot to hope for, but maybe having the conversation now will give just one or two people pause before posting crass remarks about naked Sam Heughan, or anyone else for that matter.