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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


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The thing that concerns me about all the talk of Sam’s anatomy (and god help us if we get a full frontal shot at some point in the second half of the season – I pray for SH’s sake we don’t) is that it detracts from just have incredible he is in this role of Jamie. For every comment I see directed to him on twitter about how gorgeous he is and how flawless an ass he has, I want to pipe up and tell him “Yeah you’re beautiful but I would love you as Jamie even if you weren’t”. Boy’s got some serious acting chops and that should be the primary focus.

He definitely does and his dedication to the work and his respect for the role and character is very admirable. I have seen some comments praising his work and talent. But, I agree, it seems that the voices extolling his physical attributes drown out those commenting on his skill and talent. I don’t want to even think about reactions to a full frontal shot…ugh.

Like what others have said before, this issue is a larger problem and indicative of the culture that’s developed surrounding the entertainment industry and the sexualization and objectification of others, which is worsened by the anonymous and accessible nature of social media. How much do we focus on the skills and talents of a celebrity vs. their looks and sex appeal. People have been admiring actors and their physical attributes for decades (Cary Grant, Robert Redford, etc. – this reminded me of a dessert that some people like to call “Better than Robert Redford” – ie. “Better than Sex” – anyone heard of that?). But things seem different now – with social media (and I’m sure I’m repeating what others have said already), the objectification of people is much easier to do and objectifying comments are more accessible to all of us given their public nature.