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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


I agree with Barb, that the reason this is an issue I’m discussing here, is because it’s much larger than just Sam vs the fandom. This is a larger problem than just one fan base. It’s not all, just fun and games. Take for instance the references above to #Gamergate. A society that propagates apologist for that type of behavior is a dangerous society. I didn’t get the feeling that anyone here wants the fans to stop admiring the fine form that is Sam, I think the concern is those that are taking it too far. This isn’t about denying anyones attraction to the character/actor, or even to psycho-analyze the fandom as a whole. It is to find a productive and healthy way to keep the fandom a positive and enjoyable place for both the fans and the actors.

If, at any point, my participation sounded as if I were generalizing the members of this fandom…that was not my intention. I find that when we generalize a group of people we make assumptions about that group as a whole. Assumptions can lead to a wormhole of nonsense, that could have been avoided all along. I am a firm believer that if small acts of not respecting boundaries are allowed to go unchecked, it can lead to larger disrespect for boundaries, (see: fans who lift Sam’s kilt w/o permission.) That is the behavior that I wish to make others aware of.

Sitting back and staying quiet has lead to many a disservice in our history, I’d rather not be a part of that.