Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al



I agree with you that it shouldn’t just be about Sam. In my mind it should also be about the comments made about Catriona’s physical attributes (some of which have been downright nasty). It should be about the as yet to come comments/pictures about some other actor/actress on Outlander. Sam just happens to be the one who’s currently in the spotlight.

For me personally it’s about objectifying anyone – male, female, gay, bi, white, black or purple. An avalanche starts with one small snowball. I believe that if we are going to object to the way women are treated in the media and expect to be taken seriously, that we must also object to treatment of any actor as an object.

I believe what has gone on has been mostly thoughtless and meant in fun. But I also believe that we should try to remember that there are real people behind the characters we love in the movies or on our tv screens, people with their own feelings and insecurities, people who have families who see the things being said/posted about them. They may not admit to it in public but it can take a toll on them. We should probably consider that when we make posts about the actors as people rather than about their characters.

In interest of full disclosure, my daughter is in the film industry (behind the camera, not in front of it thank goodness) and I know many of her friends who are actors. I have seen how hard it can be for them to put themselves out there and I see their worry and insecurity about how they are perceived. So this is somewhat personal to me.