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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


[quote quote=4170]I like the idea of a hashtag and I love #DontBeAnAss but I worry about being perceived as confrontational since that gets people defensive. Am I being too sensitive about that? I just want to be heard and people don’t listen if they think they are being attacked. What about #MoreThanAPrettyAss[/quote]

Good points, both of you … And yes, I can see that the hashtags I suggested could be counterproductive.
That reminds me of another Represent Pledge tag #AskHerMore … To get people to ask women (e.g. On the red carpet) about something other than her outfit …. Maybe Sam needs #AskHimMore at times.

I take your point, too, CelticGlamazon … Certainly it’s how I engage folks I can have dialogue with. I’m mainly on Twitter where that’s not really an option. But on FB and blogs, maybe a simple “how would you feel about that comment if someone were making it about a woman?” in reply ….