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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


[quote quote=4160]Barb,

I think we can make a difference by standing up and being counted. I feel like, the majority of this behavior isn’t intentional or malicious. I spent most of my 20’s believing that I was a strong-independant-feminist, only to realize in my 30’s that I was guilty of internalized sexism and being a misandrist. I had completely bought into the social ideal that to be a feminist, I had to hate/oppress men. The day I realized that this behavior was harmful and counter to any productive action, I started to ask questions of my fellow feminist. It wasn’t until a feminist friend stepped in and asked, “Crystal, why do you think it’s ok to say such oppressive things about men?” My idiotic response was, “that’s what we do, right?” I was so lost, but if it hadn’t been for that person having the courage to confront me in a calm and rational way, I may have continued to live my life confused, and perpetuating a damaging stereotype of true feminism. Modern media reinforces these oppressions every single day, and sometimes it’s so subtle that it’s nearly impossible to recognize, even when you’re looking right at it. So hopefully our voices, this discussion, and all future discussions to bring this matter into the light, can change the mindset of the many for the good.

I equate some of this behavior as being similar to bullying…something in this resonated with me yesterday, and I believe we can use this as a platform in dealing with negative responses in the fandom.

Bystander Revolution: Hurt People, Hurt People

<span class=”embed-youtube” style=”text-align:center; display: block;”>[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=UUkCJrWH7jVkCWEsOx8RaVtg&hl=en_US&w=926&h=551%5D</span&gt;

People propagating oppressive behavior may not be propagating it because of hurt, but from ignorance of the issue. We can help in the same way as this video promotes for bullying. Just a thought.


What about using a hashtag in replies to the worst stuff? #DontBeAnAss #NotGoingThere ?
I am thinking about this in context of the #NotBuyingIt tag that RepresentPledge started to flag sexist products & ads.